The Mermaid of Maracot Deep

Fantastic Adventures March 1949 thumbnail
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Fantastic Adventures March 1949
FA49-03 0008-09
FA49-03 0040-41
FA49-03 0052-53
FA49-03 0100
FA49-03 0106-107
FA49-03 0118-119

The Astonishing Story Of A Submarine That Went Too Deep!
Beneath the ocean floor lay a great secret — guarded by the giant mer-race…

This entire issue can be downloaded here


Mermaid Reef

Supernatural Stories Issue #23

Was She Poseidon’s Daughter… This Creature With Verdant Tresses…?


Test-Tube Frankenstein

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Terror Tales v12 n02 [1940-05]
Terror Tales May 1940

Also includes Mistress of the Dark Pool. This entire issue can be downloaded here

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The Merciless Mermaids

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Leisure Book #LB-1159 1966 thumbnail
Leisure Book #LB-1159 1966

Agent 0008 Dives Into The Voluptuous Peril Of… The Merciless Mermaids

 From the back:

A mad medical genius had declared war to the death with the Navy … and he was ready to unleash his diabolical Merciless Mermaids for control of the oceans. He already had mastered the monsters of the deep — SUPER SQUIDS — and only 0008 stood in his way…

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Mr. Margate’s Mermaid

Mr. Margate's Mermaid, Imaginative Tales No. 4 magazine cover, March 1955 thumbnail
Imaginative Tales 1955-03 001 thumbnail
Harold McCauley - mermaid from Imaginative Tales, 355 thumbnail
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Imaginative Tales 1955-03 115 thumbnail
Mr. Margate's Mermaid, Imaginative Tales No. 4 magazine cover, March 1955
Imaginative Tales 1955-03 001
Harold McCauley - mermaid from Imaginative Tales, 355
Imaginative Tales 1955-03 002
Imaginative Tales 1955-03 004-005
Imaginative Tales 1955-03 115

This entire issue can be downloaded here

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Princess Of The Sea: The Monster and the Mermaid


This complete issue can be downloaded here

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The Bronze Mermaid


Murder Prowls New York’s Street Of Strippers
A Private Eye, A Gorgeous Dame, and Sudden Death

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The Man Who Takes The Star Out After The Show

Film Fun, May 1923


Motor Boating


I really don’t know what to make of this. Is he more awesome than Chuck Norris because he is kissing a mermaid while riding a speeding motor boat up a giant wave? Or is he just an idiot being lured to his watery doom by a aquatic temptress?