Lusty Wind for Carolina


A Brawling Novel of Piracy, Intrigue, Passion and Vengeance In Raw Colonial America


The Deadly Lady of Madagascar

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A Novel of Passion, Piracy, and An Exotic Woman Who Took What and Whom She Wanted.


Edit: Updated with an alternative cover and original artwork by Robert Maguire via

The Wild Rampage of the Sex-Crazed Pirate Women


Fun Fact: When chicks go too long without getting laid, they go crazy and storm sea-going vessels looking for lovers

Also featuring The Day The Major Slaughtered Our Battalion at Bataan!, The Kissing Disease That Can Kill You!, We Smashed the Sadistic Snake Cult of the Congo, and The Lusty Tarts Who Spied For Revenge


Drums of Destiny

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A tempestuous novel of passion, revolution and high adventure!

From the back:

“Aren’t my kisses worth anything?”

He looked into her tempting, unscrupulous eyes and for answer pressed his lips against her sensuous mouth. Thus did Phebe, honey-colored dancing girl of Saint-Dominigue, light devils of desire in Duncan Stewart. Thus did Phebe come to symbolize Haiti itself, enchanting island with the power to turn men to swine. Wanted for murder in London, Stewart stayed on in the Paris of the West Indies. He practiced medicine amoung voodoo-worshiping blacks in whose veins revolt flowed like molten lava. He won the friendship of men like Toussaint and Henri the First and ultimately played a part in the deadliest, lustiest pageant in the entire history of the Western Hemisphere!

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