Vice Rackets of Soho

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Vice Rackets of SOHO (Kaywin Publishers, 1951)
Vice Rackets of Soho 1950

This story exposes the White Slave Rackets which flourish unchecked in London’s Square Mile of Vice

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Make Mine A Shroud


Men became Bodies; But she had a body without a shroud! and what a body

From the back:

This is just the beginning of a whirlpool that drags Nick Cranley down into a never-ending vortex of excitement, hampered by tough mobs that mean to get what they are after; police that mean business; and gals that mean business too — but not the same kind.


White Slave Racket

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From the back:

The lure of the stage makes a perfect bait for enticing young girls into the nefarious white-slave trade. A dancing school is the perfect blind to cover up these activities. Little do the victims suspect what fate has in store for them until it is too late, too late to escape, almost too late for help

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