Two Loves Has Nurse Powell

Medical Fiction 201 1963

Torn between loyalty and fascination, she seeks the perfect answer


Doctors Are Lovers Too

Chicago Paperback House 100 1962

The medical profession is made of men and women. To most patients, they are but skilled hands for healing. But a doctor is a human being — a disciplined human being.


The Seducers!

Novel Book 6025 1962

“I’ll teach you everything about sex and perversion there is to know,” she gasped. “And even though you’ll hate me and my husband the Governor for it — I’ll make you love every minute of it!”

By Popular Demand — A Sequel To The Rapers!


Loose Women (1962)

Novel Book 5088 1962

Men — what turned all these voluptuous young females into amoral animals of constant craving?


The Woman Chaser

NL_U137 thumbnail
Newsstand Library U-137 Paperback Original (April, 1960). Pilot Edition. Cover by Bonfils thumbnail
Newsstand Library U-137 Paperback Original (April, 1960). Pilot Edition. Cover by Bonfils

The chase was furious — the capture was rapacious — the prize was luscious!

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Black Desire

Newsstand U129 1960

Each morning remembering and remorse, yet each new night — black desire!


Back Seat Lover

Newsstand Library U-160

He had his plot of seduction planned perfectly. It worked like a charm, but…


Degradation Trail

Leisure Books LB1135 - Degradation Trail (1966)

Her body was a passion curve along — Degradation Trail


A Mountain of Sin

Ember Library EL332 1966

On This Wanton Holiday The Guests Climbed — A Mountain of Sin


Take A Swipe At Swap

Adult Books AB458 - Take A Swipe At Swap (1968)

Tish was the hottest wife on the mate-trading market


A Matter Of Adultery

Newsstand Library U156, 1961

The furies of a woman’s lust wildly pursued this race for political power


Commit The Sins

Newsstand Library U-165 thumbnail
28079668-5831344762_448c89db98_b[1] thumbnail
Newsstand Library U-165

Her passions swirled with the smoke, as dissonant and savage as the jazz from the stand, building up into a wild and frantic crescendo.

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