Loose Women (1962)

Novel Book 5088 1962

Men — what turned all these voluptuous young females into amoral animals of constant craving?


The Woman Chaser

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Newsstand Library U-137 Paperback Original (April, 1960). Pilot Edition. Cover by Bonfils thumbnail
Newsstand Library U-137 Paperback Original (April, 1960). Pilot Edition. Cover by Bonfils

The chase was furious — the capture was rapacious — the prize was luscious!

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Back Seat Lover

Newsstand Library U-160

He had his plot of seduction planned perfectly. It worked like a charm, but…


Degradation Trail

Leisure Books LB1135 - Degradation Trail (1966)

Her body was a passion curve along — Degradation Trail


A Mountain of Sin

Ember Library EL332 1966

On This Wanton Holiday The Guests Climbed — A Mountain of Sin


Take A Swipe At Swap

Adult Books AB458 - Take A Swipe At Swap (1968)

Tish was the hottest wife on the mate-trading market


A Matter Of Adultery

Newsstand Library U156, 1961

The furies of a woman’s lust wildly pursued this race for political power


Commit The Sins

Newsstand Library U-165 thumbnail
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Newsstand Library U-165

Her passions swirled with the smoke, as dissonant and savage as the jazz from the stand, building up into a wild and frantic crescendo.

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Artist Colony

Playtime 610

Their “art” was an excuse to indulge themselves in lewd orgies!


Man On The Make

Playtime 649-S thumbnail
Playtime 649-S 1963 thumbnail
Playtime 649-S
Playtime 649-S 1963

Seducing The Boss’s Wife Was Just One Way To Get Control Of The Operation… He’d Do Anything To Be Top Man

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Naked She Died (1965)

Ember Library EL 310

He Could Not Have Her, So — Naked She Died

Not sure if it’s related to this book of the same name.


The Youngest Harlot

Newsstand Library U-130 thumbnail
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Newsstand Library U-130

Juvenile delinquency, our greatest challenge — the most biting indictment of our times

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