White Head Hunter Of The South Pacific

Rugged Men May 1958

A rare three-Holland cover


Blood For The Harlots Of Horror

Rugged Men Magazine October 1960

The sight and sound of torture drove them to a frenzy of passion


Sex And The Leopard God

Rugged Men (Feb., 1959). Cover Art by Ray Sternbergh

Also, Massacre at Wahoo Swamp and The Prostitute Who Saved Puerto Rico


We Fly Into Hell

Rugged Men (Dec., 1958).  Cover by Clarence Doore thumbnail
Rugged Men December 1958 thumbnail
Rugged Men Magazine December 1958 thumbnail
Rugged Men (Dec., 1958).  Cover by Clarence Doore
Rugged Men December 1958
Rugged Men Magazine December 1958

The drama of the Navy’s bravest men: The Hurricane Hunters

Also featuring Strip Clubs — The housewife’s new road to riches!, and I Slit My Rival’s Throat… for the right to mother a monster!

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Cheating Women — The Story Of Your Neighbor’s Wife


My neighbor’s wife, you say? As soon as I finish fending off this pack of ravenous wolverines, I’ll have to look into that.

Also includes My Wife is a Stripper, Gunfighters Die Young, and Millions In Gold; Yours For The Taking


The Harlots Wanted My Blood

Rugged Men March 1959 thumbnail
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Rugged Men March 1959

Also includes Exposed! The Racket In Phony Sex Research!, Fire Ants Ate Me Alive! and The Man Who Really Was Dracula!

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