The Diamond Bride

Thrilling Detective Sept 1941 thumbnail
Thrilling Detective September 1941 thumbnail
Thrilling Detective Sept 1941
Thrilling Detective September 1941

Also featuring The Extortion Murders. This entire issue can be downloaded here.


Pilot to Control Tower, I’m Hijacking My Own Plane

Stag magazine cover, December 1973 thumbnail
Stag magazine December 1973 thumbnail
Stag magazine cover, December 1973
Stag magazine December 1973


Flight Hostess Rogers

Midwood Y168 thumbnail
Midwood Y168 Back thumbnail
Midwood Y168
Midwood Y168 Back

“The next flight could be my last — why not live it up tonight.”
And she did — they all did.

From the back:

Taken By Force

Tom Larkin, her handsome, satanic flight captain, had taken Ceil Rogers by force when she could not defend herself. He had ravished her completely, and Ceil hated him for it, but…
Like all first times, it was unforgettable
Like all best times, she wanted it again

What do flight hostesses do when they are not on duty? This story takes you inside the lives of these beautiful girls, who are angels of mercy in the air, and hell-cats on the ground.


Case of the Vanishing Blonde

dime-detective-magazine-cover-december-1952 thumbnail
dime-detective-magazine-december-1952 thumbnail
BLACK MASK DETECTIVEU.K.Ed.March 1953 thumbnail
Dime Detective v68 n01 [1952-12] 0037 thumbnail
Dime Detective v68 n01 [1952-12] 0046 thumbnail
Dime Detective v68 n01 [1952-12] 0056 thumbnail
Dime Detective v68 n01 [1952-12] 0073 thumbnail
Dime Detective v68 n01 [1952-12] 0037
Dime Detective v68 n01 [1952-12] 0046
Dime Detective v68 n01 [1952-12] 0056
Dime Detective v68 n01 [1952-12] 0073

This entire issue of Dime Detective can be downloaded here


Horse Of Another Killer

house-of-another-killer-15-story-detective-magazine-cover-october-1950 thumbnail
15 Story Detective October 1950 thumbnail
15 Story Detective October 1950 thumbnail
15 Story Detective October 1950
15 Story Detective October 1950

15 Story Detective was originally All-Story Detective, which ran for only six issues before being rebranded and running another 9 before folding. It is unrelated to 15 Mystery Stories, which was originally Dime Mystery, and ran for 154 issues before being rebranded and folding only five issues later.

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Beacon B405 thumbnail
1961 Beacon B405 thumbnail
Beacon B405
1961 Beacon B405

Those Beautiful Girls Riding The Airways… Are They As Wild As Rumored? Do They Really Live For Thrills? Does Danger Make Them Welcome Advances — Even From Married Men?

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The Fly Girls (Original Title: Girl On A Wing)

Bantam Books # H2527 1963 thumbnail
Bantam Books # H2527 1963 Back thumbnail
Bantam Books # H2527 1963
Bantam Books # H2527 1963 Back

The Shocking Novel Of Small Town Girls Flung Headlong Into A World Of High-Powered Men And Reckless Love


The Fly Girls

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The Lives And Loves Of The Men And Women Who Fly America’s Airlines

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Fly Girl / The Club

38251997-ERNEST_CHIRIACKA_Fly_Girl,_paperback_cover,_1961 thumbnail
Beacon Books B433Y, 1961 thumbnail
15663117671-beacon-books-s75163-steve-yardley-the-club thumbnail
Beacon Books B433Y, 1961

Are Airline Hostesses Hard To Get? Cynthia Westland WASN’T!

When a jet-powered hostess and a hot pilot lock horns, no holds are barred and the sky’s the limit…

Here Is The Frankly Told Story Of The Girls Who Live Dangerously — And Love Recklessly!


Four restless husbands, four willing wives… and sixteen scandalous reasons why they rode a merry-go-round of wild switch and swap!

Fly Girl was also published with a more explicitly flight-oriented cover.

The Club was also published with an unusual horizontal cover painted by Victor Olson

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Position Unknown


Their plane had crashed. They were lost — But they were determined to live!


Carol Trent: Air Stewardess


She fought and won in a challenging and exciting world. Now she must choose between success and the claims of love