Student Nurse

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Student Nurse, paperback cover, 1941

A love like this came only once in a lifetime — would she have the strength to give it up?

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Death Trap

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The town was sitting on some ugly secrets…  a teen-age teaser’s murder blew off the lid

The town was sitting on some ugly secrets… and it took the murder of a teenage tramp to blow off the lid

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Backwoods Woman (Original Title: Dossie Bell is Dead)


Her passionate life had known every climax but a wedding day


Murder On Broadway (Original Title: The Last Gamble)



The Living End


The superheated world of the music makers… a young man in a hurry… and the girl who got in his way


Deadly Beloved (Original Title: The Root of His Evil)


Lissa had a ravishingly beautiful head, and a body to match (it all belonged to John Cashman)


A Real Gone Guy

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From the back:

She called herself Denny Lyons

and she was everything men dream of on long, lonely nights….

She had it all, from the white-gold hair that framed her expensive face, to the graceful, slender ankles – and all those little extras in-between….

Even before she opened her lovely mouth to sing, she had her audience entranced. And when she sang, her low, smoky voice curled itself around your spine, drifted slowly up into your chest, and stayed there. And hurt….

She had everything- including big ideas. She was headed straight for the top and she thought she knew just how to get there….

But she was wrong. Because her big beautiful career came to a sudden violent end – when she did…

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