The Pusher


An 87th Precinct murder mystery revealing the inside story of the dope traffic

From the back:

His Sister Was On Heroin!

She sold her body to pay for it. She gave him his first shot as a joke. In a short time, he was on it steady. Then he began selling the stuff, mostly to other teen-agers. When the cops found him, he was sitting on a cot with an empty syringe at his feet — and a rope, suspended from the ceiling, knotted around his neck. It looked like suicide by hanging. But it wasn’t. The cause of death proved to he an overdose of heroin. And the fingerprints on the syringe were not his.


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  1. You might be interested to know that a fairly famous case in Australia involving the murder of an important witness involved exactly this same scenario. Perhaps the murderer read this very book. In any case it was never really solved.

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