Swing Low Sweet Sinner

MIDWOOD F246 1963

Swinging low was her specialty, and she swung in both directions — with men and women.

From the back:

Too Much To Hold
To look at sweet, demure Marjorie one would never suspect she could do the things she did. In the bloom of young womanhood, everything about her was beautifully developed –all except her morals. Her men were Steve and Clay, her women Nona and Karen. They all possessed her in their own way, but none of them had all of her, for there was too much Marjorie for any of them.


Savage Rites Of The Whip-Wielding Panzer Monsters

MEN TODAY - 1971 05 May - cover by Bruce Minney-8x6

Also featuring Self Test: Do You Arouse A Woman Sexually? Soft Brides For The Fiends Of Orgy Island, Bizarre Sex Practices Of Our Turned-On Coeds, and The Violent World Of The Homosexual


The Captive Women (Original Title: In The Hands Of The Senecas)


Would They Be Tortured — Sold — Or Forced To Marry?


Death Before Bedtime (1954)


Who Killed The Senator?
… His crooked secretary
… The woman he kept a secret
… His scandalous daughter
… The buddy who hated him


Death For The White Sioux!


Blood calls to blood… The paleface Indian brave coveted the forbidden Conestoga girl


Gypsy Sixpence

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Villainy and vengeance… and love forbidden by the Lancers’ code!

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