Whom The Gods Would Slay…

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Fantastic Adventures, June 1951

 … they send to mess with Vikings. That’s right, Vikings vs. Aliens!

A Thrill-Packed Tale of Earth’s First Invaders!

And with that, we have reached 500 posts. Not bad for the first month. I hope to see all two of you here when we reach 1000!

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The Man From Saturn

Amazing Stories, June-July 1953

It’s hard to find a good woman. They don’t grow on trees, you know. Oh, wait…
This entire issue can be downloaded here

The Man Who Cried When They Pulled His Hair


Also featuring ‘Intimate Surgery For Men’, ‘Jungle Women Who Kill For Love’, and my personal favorite, ‘What Teens Are Teaching Teachers About Sex’

Tom Swift and His Electric Rifle


Fun Fact: The word TASER is an acronym for Thomas A. Swift’s Electric Rifle

Rodent Mutation


“Civilization staggered under the onslaught of the radio-active giants”

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The Lurking Fear and Other Stories by H. P. Lovecraft