The Moon Terror & Other Stories

The Moon Terror & Other Stories 1927

The Moon Terror & Other Stories is a hardcover collection of four early stories from Weird Tales magazine from its first year of publication (1923). It was issued in 1927 by the publisher of Weird Tales.

Since its initial publication in as a two-part serial in 1923, readers of Weird Tales had sent in letters making repeated requests asking for the short novel The Moon Terror to be reprinted. Unfortunately, by the time the publishers finally got around to reprinting the story in book form in this collection in 1927, interest in The Moon Terror had waned (one factor being that Amazing Stories had come into existence in 1926 and was publishing similar SF horror tales).

So despite the publisher’s initial great hopes for The Moon Terror & Other Stories, the book proved to be a fiasco. It took years for it to sell out despite being peddled for $1.50 a copy in Weird Tales (usually in a prominent back cover ad) on into the 1930s. It was eventually given away free with a subscription to the magazine to try to dispose of the unsold copies.

This entire book can be downloaded here.


Strange Tales January 1933 thumbnail
002-ST v03n01 (1933-01)002 thumbnail
005-ST v03n01 (1933-01)005 thumbnail
031-ST v03n01 (1933-01)031 thumbnail
053-ST v03n01 (1933-01)052-053 thumbnail
149-ST v03n01 (1933-01)148 thumbnail
109-ST v03n01 (1933-01)108 thumbnail
Strange Tales January 1933
002-ST v03n01 (1933-01)002
005-ST v03n01 (1933-01)005
031-ST v03n01 (1933-01)031
053-ST v03n01 (1933-01)052-053
149-ST v03n01 (1933-01)148
109-ST v03n01 (1933-01)108

This was the 7th and final issue. It also includes The Cairn on the Headland by Robert E. Howard, and the entire issue can be downloaded here.

This issue also contained a mystery that endured for almost thirty five years. On page 106 is a blurb about the stories in the next issue. They were The Valley Of The Lost by Robert E. Howard, The Seed From The Sepulchre by Clark Ashton Smith and The Case Of The Crusader’s Hand by Gordon MacCreah. The problem here was that there never actually was a “next” issue. This was the final one. So what happened to the stories? Well, the Clark Ashton Smith story was picked up by Weird Tales for the October, 1933 issue. The MacCreah story, which would have been the third in his Dr. Muncing series, languished until 1951 when it appeared in Weird Tales for January of that year. By then it had been rewritten without Dr. Muncing and retitled The Hand Of St. Ury. But what about the Howard story? There was much speculation over the years. Had Howard changed the title and sold it somewhere else? They couldn’t ask Howard since he had committed suicide in 1936. A couple of Howard stories were suggested as possibilities. The Valley of the Worm and King of the Forgotten People. The mystery wasn’t solved until 1967 when, at the urging of editor Robert A.W. Loundes, Glenn Lord went through the Howard papers in his possession and discovered the original typed manuscript. There was no question that this was the correct story because attached to it was the letter from Strange Tales editor Harry Bates explaining why he was returning it. Apparently Howard never tried to sell the story to any other magazine. Lowndes published the story for the very first time, along with the letter from Bates, in his Startling Mystery Stories magazine for Spring 1967 as The Secret of Lost Valley.

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Original covers for Robert E. Howard’s Conan stories, published between 1933 and 1936

19260111-wtjune33b thumbnail
19260115-wtsept33 thumbnail
26775718-lf thumbnail
26775827-lf thumbnail
19260118-wtsept34b thumbnail
19260107-wtdec34b thumbnail
20910754-lf thumbnail
19260108-wtdec35b thumbnail
19260109-wtjuly36b thumbnail

All nine were painted by Margaret Brundage, who was the most popular of Weird Tales’ cover artists. She was known for her images depicting bondage and flagellation of women. Authors would insert unnecessary scenes depicting nude women being tortured or whipped to ensure their story got the cover of an issue.

The Altar of Melek Taos

26667802-lf thumbnail
26826698-lf thumbnail
WT-1932-09-p007 thumbnail
WT-1932-09-p053 thumbnail
WT-1932-09-p059 thumbnail
WT-1932-09-p141 thumbnail

This was the first Weird Tales cover by Margaret Brundage. The original recently sold at auction for $50,787.50. Notice that the cover itself has been altered to cover up her nipples.

This entire issue can be downloaded here


The Moon Terror

Weird Tales May 1923

Here is the very first bedsheet-format edition of Weird Tales, and the third issue of this title overall.


The Heart of Siva

Weird Tales - October 1932 thumbnail
26826728-lf thumbnail
wt-1932-10-p039 thumbnail
Weird Tales - October 1932

This is my 1,000 post here on, and I think a Weird Tales cover by Margaret Brundage is the perfect way to mark this milestone. She is one of the quintessential artists who defined the look of the quintessential Pulp magazine. This entire issue can be downloaded here

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Buccaneers of Venus (Part 3)

Weird Tales February 1933 thumbnail
0059 thumbnail
0068 thumbnail
0083 thumbnail
0095 thumbnail
Weird Tales February 1933

This entire issue can be downloaded here


The Weird Queen

Eerie Tales July 1941

First and only issue, contained an incomplete serial which was eventually published in paperback as The Face That Launched a Thousand Ships by the Adam Publishing Co. in 1941


A Rival From The Grave

January 1936 issue of Weird Tales thumbnail
Weird Tales, 1936 January thumbnail
Weird Tales, January 1936 page-004 thumbnail
Weird Tales, January 1936 page-073 thumbnail
January 1936 issue of Weird Tales
Weird Tales, 1936 January
Weird Tales, January 1936 page-004
Weird Tales, January 1936 page-073

Creeping Horror! Weird Terror!

The original painting sold at auction in 2018 for $72,000. This entire issue can be downloaded here

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The Horror In The Studio

29174122-lf thumbnail
WT-1935-06-p005 thumbnail
WT-1935-06-p039 thumbnail
WT-1935-06-p057 thumbnail
WT-1935-06-p071 thumbnail
WT-1935-06-p081 thumbnail

A gripping story of the film industry
What Weird Terror Lurks Behind The Scenes In Hollywood?

This entire issue can be downloaded here

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A Goose-flesh Vampire Story

26826220-lf thumbnail
010-11 thumbnail
025 thumbnail
037 thumbnail
071 thumbnail

That bat has a really weird nose. This entire issue can be downloaded here

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The Mark of the Monster

Weird Tales, May 1937 thumbnail
26664683-lf thumbnail
Weird Tales, May 1937

A Powerful Tale of Weird Horror

This entire issue can be downloaded here

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Doctor Satan

August 1935 Weird Tales thumbnail
Weird Tales, August 1935. thumbnail
page-002 thumbnail
page-021 thumbnail
page-037 thumbnail
page-053 thumbnail
page-061 thumbnail
page-079 thumbnail
page-122 thumbnail
page-124 thumbnail
August 1935 Weird Tales
Weird Tales, August 1935.

The World’s Weirdest Criminal

This entire issue can be downloaded here


The Carnal God

Weird Tales - June 1937 thumbnail
page-003 thumbnail
Weird Tales - June 1937

A compelling weird story about a golden image that was instinct with evil life

This entire issue can be downloaded here