The Golden Treasure That Was Hidden For 2500 Years

All Man September 1964


Wanton Wench of Bloodstone Island

All Man magazine cover, September 1959 thumbnail
All Man magazine September 1959 thumbnail
All Man magazine cover, September 1959
All Man magazine September 1959


The Inside Story Of Our Reform Schools

All Man Magazine November 1961

Also featuring Sex Drugs Are Flooding America, Slaughter In The Desert, and Vice Girls Of Venice


School For Nymphos

All Man Magazine January 1963

Also featuring Sex In The Islands, I Watched Them Eat My Flesh!, Women Are My Slaves, and Traitor With A Whip


Seven Ways To Recognize A Nymphomaniac

All Man Magazine January 1966

Also featuring Why We Love Wife-Swapping, I Found The Fabulous Lost Treasure Of The Czars, and Vampirism — Fresh Blood For Breakfast


You Can Take Your Pay in Women, Sahib McCoy

All Man magazine cover, April 1960 thumbnail
All Man April 1960 thumbnail
All Man magazine cover, April 1960
All Man April 1960

Fast Death If I Took The Job, Slow Death If I Refused

Also featuring Outlaw, Lover, Killer, Dictator; The Fantastic Story Ataurk, The Man Who Destroyed the Harems, Love Paradise Below the Border, and A Thousand Miles to Thule


The Devil Loves To Torture

ALL MAN July 1961


The Day The Bawds Went Crazy For Blood!

All Man Magazine January 1960

Also featuring The Man Who Invented Pain, Savage Demons and the Killer Cat, and Skin, Sin, and Swindle — The Inside Facts About Nudism!


The Mad Nymphomaniac Of Avalon

All Man - Spetember 1965

Her Uninhibited Antics Turned A Boating Party Into An Orgy Of Horror

Also featuring How They Make Sex Movies!, The Reds Sentenced Me To Death!, and Count de Sade: King Of Pain


Tomorrow We’ll Dance In The White Man’s Blood!

All Man October 1959


Swamp Venus Of Andros Island

All Man December 1959

A Savage Female — Brutal — Lusty — Deadly

Also featuring Wolves Ate My Flesh, Love Me… Or Freeze!, and I Fought The Black Rhino Of Kilimanjaro


The Night The “Virgin Queen” Was Wrecked

All Man July 1959

Also featuring Vengeance Of The Bush Devil and Love Potion At Your Corner Bar!