Fever In The Sun

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For Dave Rogers, 19, The Lure Of An Older Woman Was Overwhelmingly Exciting — And Gloria Was Old. She Was 30… And Bored To Tears With Her Husband!

An Insight Into What Really Goes On At Summer Resorts When Bored Wives And College-Age Staffers Are Thrown Together In Circumstances That Can Only Lead To Bed

From the back:

It Was Summertime… And The Loving Was Easy…

The crowd at the Lodge was gay and friendly… and some of the guests mixed only too well!
There was Gloria Logan — for whom, at 30, the hot, sweet ardor of honeymoon days had long since turned into the dull routine of desultory love-making… catapulting her into discreet indiscretions!
There was Dave Rogers — for whom, at 19, the lure of an older woman held more excitement and promise than the callow charms of undiscriminating co-eds… and Gloria’s warm-blooded ripeness promised much!
There was Cindy Hamilton — who, at 18, had already been subjected to a forced, and unwanted experience — and who was now willing to experiment with an exotic kind of love!
There was Anita Lundquist — a blonde bombshell who liked bewitching brunettes — like Cindy! 

And Then There Were The Week-End Husbands Who Swarmed Down Either Too Tired To Toy With Love Or Too Eager To Find A New Playmate!

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April North

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Beacon Books - B456F Al Rossi
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She meant to say “NO”…

The Tragedy Of Our High Schools — Where The Kids Too Often Catch Up With Their Fast-Living Elders!

After that first experience, they called her “easy”… and that was what she was to the small-town sexpack — whose country club set gave a postgraduate course in lust… before she was through high-school

This entire issue can be downloaded here

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Cafe Society Sinner


A Keyhole View Of The Call-Girl Business
Lanny Morse made girls his speciality… all kinds of girls! Just ask for what you wanted… Lanny had it… for a price!


The Empty Bed

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Softcover Library B915X 1966

Sheila Was A Young Widow — Beautiful, Passionate, Lonely!
The Wild Suburban Sex Parties Repelled But Excited Her, A Torrid Affair With A Married Man Left Her Twisted With Guilt, But Nothing Could Still Her Hunger For Love!

Clearly, unrelated to No Empty Bed For Her

From the back:

Sheila had always behaved herself. She had been a good wife to Dave, faithful and true… but now Dave was gone. Every night she sat alone, staring at her empty bed. The neighbors were helpful — especially thoughtful Joe Mallory, and before she quite knew how it happened, she and Joe were carrying on in a manner that Joe’s wife wouldn’t tolerate. So Sheila turned to Hie free-wheeling suburban fast set. There, every man was convinced she was hungry for love… his kind of love. Reluctantly she let herself be drawn into their strange games, bereft of all decency! Afterward Sheila was sorry… but it was too late then. It was that… or the empty bed.

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The Passionate Season (Original Title: The Lonely Steeple)

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A Tale Of Warped And Fatal Desires

From the back:

“I did it,” said Addie Eldredge, “because it made me feel bold and wicked, like I knew a woman from that place must feel…” 

That was the beginning of the vast and reckless shame of Addie Eldredge, a shame that grew fiercely until, on that last agonizing night, Addie took her tragic and terrible revenge.

Not the same as Season For Passion


Young Widow


The Shattering Novel Of A Woman On Fire, Whose Pent-Up Passions Made Her A Pushover For Men Around Town — Especially Men Like Jim Watson!

This entire book can be downloaded here


Thrill Clinic


The knife-sharp novel of an unscrupulous marriage-counselor who traded on the sex needs of suburban wives…


Air Bridge


A Novel Of Crime And Fantastic Courage In The Shadow Of The Berlin Airlift


Nude in the Sand

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1959 Beacon B253

A Married Woman… A Secret Lover… A Remote Bayou Rendezvous.
The Frankly Told Story Of An Erotic Passion That Explodes Into Lust And Violence!
Her Voluptuous Curves Set Off A Bombshell Of Throbbing Desire!

Apparently porn wasn’t subtle even in 1959

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Louis Beretti — New York Hoodlum


Brutality Builds A Crime Empire


Female Platoon

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“Missing In Action” Clayborn Was Leading An All-Girl Guerrilla Band In The War’s Most Incredible Phase

If it hadn’t been for a “missing-in-action” sailor and his night-prowling jungle girls, Germany might have won the World War right on the Isthmus of Panama.

This issue also includes;

Doctor, Lawyer, Incredible Thief The fabulous Flatbush phony conned everybody from movie stars to the President. Then he tried to take on the FBI (art by Bruce Minney)

Name: Winston; Occupation: Agent-For-Hire; Specialty: Women — Anywhere Farouk’s confiscated movies were a gold mine for the European blackmail ring, but things blew higher than a kite when one of the victims wouldn’t play patsy. (art by Bruce Minney)

The Klondike Legend Of Diamond-Navel Nancy When she was 16, a gambler in a fancy vest showed her how to handle cards, guns and men. It took her just 10 years to parlay that information into the richest strike ever made in the gold fields of the Yukon (art by Al Rossi)

The Kid Ensign and the Sub-Invading Japs In the entire war od the submarines, only once did the enemy infantry attempt to board. And the job of beating them off fell to three sailors and their very junior C.O. (art by James Bama)


The Co-Eds

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A scathing novel of loose morals in our suburban schools!