Your Most Intimate Problems


Can a wife be too affectionate?
Are men less “faithful” than women?
Why do some girls like older men?
Can anyone be popular who wants to?
Are women more jealous than men?
Is money necessary for real happiness?
Can a girl love two men at once?


Strange Desires (Original Title: What D’Ya Know For Sure)


A Two-Way Spitfire Personality In One Beautiful Body


Three Loose Ladies / Three Gorgeous Hussies

Avon Specials 5, 1952 thumbnail
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Broadway Novel Monthly 6 - 1949 thumbnail
Avon Specials 5, 1952
Broadway Novel Monthly 6 - 1949

They Were The Cover Girls On The Book Of Temptation – This Is Their Intimate Story.
Here Is A Tantalizing Tale Of Three Tarts With Hearts – And One Scarlet Sister Who Caught Her Man With His Finances Down…

From the back:

When a handsome young reporter was assigned to cover a particularly wild party in this gay movie colony, he became entangled in red tape, redder lips and the soft loving arms of luscious girls who took him to their bosoms.
From that night on, Whitey became a member of that thrill-seeking set at Malibu. In his subsequent experiences and amours, he found himself involved with a beauteous blonde star, a notorious lady of pleasure, and a lovely rural virgin — all of which became the blushing gossip of even that unconventional set.
Don’t miss FLESHPOTS OF MALIBU. It gives the in-side story of gay parties, clandestine kisses, and the daring efforts of beauty-contest winners willing to risk all for the flickering fame of stardom.

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Life & Loves of a Modern Mister Bluebeard (Original Title: Ride The Nightmare)

Avon Books #190, 1949 thumbnail
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Avon Books #190, 1949


The Daughter of Fu Manchu

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She Flaunted An Evil Conspiracy For Power And Love
Deadlier than her father, the she-devil strikes!

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