The Chastity of Gloria Boyd (1950)


The Intimate Life-Story Of A Girl Who Became A Woman The Hard Way


Your Most Intimate Problems


Can a wife be too affectionate?
Are men less “faithful” than women?
Why do some girls like older men?
Can anyone be popular who wants to?
Are women more jealous than men?
Is money necessary for real happiness?
Can a girl love two men at once?


Strange Desires (Original Title: What D’Ya Know For Sure)


A Two-Way Spitfire Personality In One Beautiful Body


Wanton Venus

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From the back:

Somewhere in Southern France was hidden a statue that had driven men mad with desire and made their blood run hot It was a statue of gorgeous nude woman inviting, abandoned, wanton — yet perfect. Young Stephane Brehange was determined find that statue and above all to find the flesh-and-blood Aphrodite who had posed for it. For the enchantment of that voluptuous figure had wrecked his lather’s life and cast, dark shadow over Stephane’s.
Stepbane’s spicy quest took him inevitably into the homes and boudoirs of some of France’s most alluring ladies — and eventually brought him to an exotic rendezvous in a secluded Mediterranean chateau. There he met four sisters, each more beautiful than the other — and one of those four held in the hidden nudity of her body the secret of the statue and Stephane’s future.

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Mirabelle: Woman of Passion!


The Kiss Of Her Lips Was Intoxicating Wine To The Desires Of Her Lovers!


Grounds For Divorce (Original Title: Love At Last)

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Novel Library #7, 1948

He Was Weak And She Was Wanton

From the back:

Lolita Forbes discovered on her wedding night something that caused her whole life to change. Even the love and devotion of her husband could not prevent her from seeking the answer to her problem — a search that led her down the strange byways of desire, among the forbidden pleasures and temptations of tropical Cuba.

Here is a tale of a beautiful, sensation.hungry woman told as only the inimitable Jack Woodford can tell it. Mixing equal portions of romantic intrigue with amorous deviltry, he comes up with a pulse. hopping tale which will prove sure fire for Woodford fans everywhere.

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