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Monarch Books 334 - Edwin West - Campus Lovers
MONARCH #334 1963
MONARCH #334 1963 Back

A Power-Packed Story Of College Life — The Part Parents Never Hear About

From the back:

In a way, it was hot-eyed Kim Boland who was responsible for the major scandal at Monequois College, for it was she who included Paul Wallace in her long list of men to whom she granted certain intimate favors.
On the other hand, it was cool, wholesome June Abbey who made a fetish out of denying such favors to all men, including Paul, thereby forcing them to seek satisfaction with Kim.
Of course, Brett Carbo couldn’t be called blameless either, since it was he who sought solace in the arms of sex-starved Mrs. Kembledon, wife of the college provost.
And yet, Al Gorman, the college wheeler-dealer, was the one who used them all, blackmailing them into submission and watching them squirm their way to destruction, strictly for his fun and profit.

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Fraternity Row

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Monarch #366 1963 - Fraternity Row
Monarch #366 1963 - Fraternity Row Back

She learned the facts of life and love

From the back:

“I propose to convince Miss Gilford,” announced Graycen, “that
it would be sporting of her to remove her clothing so that each
of you may satisfy your curiosity about her physical proportions.”

“What then, Chaz?” asked one of the assembled fraternity

“I am merely promising to deliver the buxom miss to you au naturel,” retorted Chaz Graycen. “As for other activities, I’m sure that any gentleman of Delta Mu is quite capable of seizing the initiative in a situation so fraught with possibilities.”

Late that evening, Marty Lou Gilford, a coed no one had gotten to first base with, walked casually down the staircase leading to the lounge room of the frat house, completely in the buff …

That was Chaz Graycen, III, president of Delta Mu, who boasted that he could do anything, and often did.

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The Love Clinic (1966)

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The Love Clinic, partial paperback cover, 1966
Beacon Books B994 - Gil Hara - The Love Clinic
Beacon Books B994 - Gil Hara - The Love Clinic (back)

Four women submit to scientific experimentation to help solve their intimate problems…

From the back:

Four Women
Naomi R. — Could her marriage truly be violated by a forcible intruder in her bed?
Helena A. — Whom had she betrayed? Her husband? Or the stranger she met in a motel room one night?
Helga J. — To her, physical love was a “dialogue” — an intimate “conversation” with any man she liked.
Joan O. — Was her happy, normal marriage the most devastating sexual problem of all — after her “innocent” fantasy turned into a flesh-and-blood man?

This cover was pieced together out of existing artwork the publisher already owned. The woman on the right is a previously unused Tom Miller painting (probably a rejected cover for a different book). The woman on the far left is from the cover of Bedrooms Are Not For Sleeping, the middle-left one is from Group Sex, and the middle-right is from The Love Trap.

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Left Of Sex (1967)

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Beacon Softcover Library B-1053S 1967
Softcover Library B-1053S 1967
Beacon Softcover Library B-1053S 1967 Back

Two young women, one tortured young man… caught in the grip of an unholy triangle

Cover art reused from the 1964 edition of The Third Way. The 1964 edition can be seen here.

From the back:

The three faces of lust — How Long Could They Hide Their Shameful Secret?
Andrea — beautiful, brilliant, tempestuous. She scorned all men but one and would use any wile to keep him for herself including seduction of his lovely young wife …
Lois — who didn’t recognize the trap of softer arms and lips —until it was too late. Then, did she dare say, “I’m in love with another woman—your sister,” to her husband…
Rolf — handsome, successful young attorney, whose love for both women drew him into a strange triangle of abnormalcy.
Today’s open sex scandals no longer shock a nation used to screaming headlines. It is discovery of the forbidden, secret practices even among decent men and women that causes a furor.
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The Strange Women

Monarch Books 249, 1962

They Were Trapped By Their Forbidden Love

“Miriam Gardner” was actually a pen-name for Marion Zimmer Bradley

From the back:

Dr. Nora Caine’s voice rose in anguish as she faced Jill across the room, shaken by the fervor and passion of the other girl’s kiss. Precise and scientific on the outside, Nora was still a woman — passionate and longing to love and be loved. She thought of Kit, her husband, a helpless cripple in a hospital bed, and felt a pang of remorse and pain. Yet, here was Jill, a tempting child-woman whose elfin beauty and sexuality were luring Nora away from her husband.
And to complicate things further, there was Mack — big, strong, virile Mack who was Nora’s stepbrother and Jill’s lover. These four people caught in their own private purgatory, struggled against overwhelming odds in their frenzied search for emotional happiness. Things came to an awful climax now as Jill told Nora in a passionate outburst of feeling: