We Saved The Blonde Beauties From The Piranha Horror…

Man's Exploits magazine cover, June 1963 thumbnail
Man's Exploits June 1963 thumbnail
Man's Exploits magazine cover, June 1963
Man's Exploits June 1963

…but we let that red-head get eaten, because fuck those gingers, am I right?

Also featuring The King Who Takes A New Bride Every Night, and The Savages Made Me Eat My Wife

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The City Of Lust Of Red China’s Butcher General


Also featuring Million $$ Orgy Of The Texas Cattle Queens!, A Touch Of Venus, Aphrodisiac Scandal of the Sex-Mad Interns and the 63 Passionate Student Nurses, and Inside Madame Diamant’s Diamond-Studded Brothel


We Battled The Bawdy Bandit Women Of Bali

Man's Exploits March 1964

Why on Earth wouldn’t you have gone with Bawdy Bandit Babes Of Bali?
Also featuring Is Your Wife A Secret Lesbian?


The Kill-Crazed Lover On The Big Top High Wire

Man's Exploits December 1963

Also, We Fought Those Monster Crocodile!, I Escaped Haiti’s Black Magic Blood Bath, The Queen Of Macao’s Bizarre Brothels, and Sex-Hungry Women Have Made Me Rich!


Human Anchor in The Ice Pack


Also, Messy Love Lives of Millionaires, TV: Killer In Your Living Room, and Mating Rite of the Python Princess


We Battled Hitler’s Blood Crazed Amazons!

20164605-Man's Exploits, April 1963

Also, The Lion Women Wanted My Body and The Bawdy Mata Hari Who Sank A Fleet!