The Redhead Who Cried For Blood

Blue Book October 1962 thumbnail
Bluebook For Men October 1962 thumbnail
Blue Book October 1962
Bluebook For Men October 1962

A vengeful wildcat and an ex-Marine turn a hot war hotter!

Also, How To Outsmart A Used Car Dealer and Ghoulish Dr. Cream: Medical Monster Who Murdered Scarlet Women

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Food That Can Change Your Love Life

True Adventures - May 1956

In addition to the info on the new “All-Suba-Diver Diet”, this issue also features I Killed My Lovely Mistress and The City Where Sin Is King


The Beachhead Spies


The never-before-told story of the small band of men who paved the way for World War II invasions


A. Conan Doyle’s Tiger Shark Hunt

ADVENTURE October 1961 138-1

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The Hell-Raising Yank and His Remarkable Flying Sub

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Male October 1962

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Venus of Lesbos

Newsstand Library U176 1961 thumbnail
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Newsstand Library U176 1961
Newsstand Library U-176

Sex Is An Urge That Happens. Sex Is A Hunger That Feeds On Itself. Sex Is A Power That Makes The World Go Round

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U.S. Frogmen Who Raided Mussolini’s Underwater Call-Girl Barracks

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Norem Submarine_final

Also featuring Yankee King Of Burma’s Fox-Hole Girl Army

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