The Quaking Widow

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Would She Live To Enjoy Her Legacy?

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You Can Cure Constipation… Without Drugs!

Scuba Rescue, American Manhood magazine cover, December 1952 thumbnail
American Manhood December 1952 thumbnail
Scuba Rescue, American Manhood magazine cover, December 1952
American Manhood December 1952


The Night Of The Marlin Mutiny!

For Men Only July 1954

Also featuring We Were Slaves Of The Amazon, Stripped For Sin, and Jinx Safari


The Redhead Who Cried For Blood

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Bluebook For Men October 1962 thumbnail
Blue Book October 1962
Bluebook For Men October 1962

A vengeful wildcat and an ex-Marine turn a hot war hotter!

Also, How To Outsmart A Used Car Dealer and Ghoulish Dr. Cream: Medical Monster Who Murdered Scarlet Women

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Food That Can Change Your Love Life

True Adventures - May 1956

In addition to the info on the new “All-Suba-Diver Diet”, this issue also features I Killed My Lovely Mistress and The City Where Sin Is King


The Beachhead Spies


The never-before-told story of the small band of men who paved the way for World War II invasions


A. Conan Doyle’s Tiger Shark Hunt

ADVENTURE October 1961 138-1

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The Hell-Raising Yank and His Remarkable Flying Sub

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Male October 1962

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