A Corpse Will Call For You

Detective Short Stories - January 1942


How The Foreign Legion Smashed The White Brothel In The Casbah!

Man's Courage October 1963


How Mille. Yvonne’s Pink Bloomers Saved Verdun

Man's Epic January 1965

Also featuring 9 Out of 10 Men Don’t Know How To Make Love, They Are Murdering Pro Football, Bloody Orgy Of The King Of Horror, and A Pit Of Pain For My Pretty


Bullwhip Battle on the Dude Ranch for Divorcees

Man's Exploits September 1963


We Battled The Man-Starved Nymphos Of Corumba…

Man's Peril October 1965

Also featuring Poison-Pen Sex Maniacs On The Loose!, The Sin-Dolls Who Trapped The Reds’ Ace Master Spy!, and The Madam Who Bossed The Bizarre Bordello’s Vice & Crime Ring!


Don’t Kill Me Slowly: Blood Bath In The Congo

Peril August 1961


Blood Lust Of The Jungle Goddess

Peril December 1960


Pain Is The Payoff For Vice

Man's Prime September 1965

Also, The Sex Girls Of The Suburbs, The Death Germ Our Doctors Can’t Control, You Are Invited To A Cambial Dinner, and They Fly The Treason Run


The Plot To Murder Baseball

Man's Story May 1962

Also featuring Confess My Love, Or Die By Inches! (a title which was later reused) The Tragedy Of The Teenage Nymphos, Mme. Diane’s Sin School For Spies, The Truth About Times Square Pickups, and Drowned In A Flood Of Lust


A Kiss Of Flame For My Lovely

Man's Story February 1962

Also, Nude Beauties For The Fires Of Hell, The Truth About Passion Drugs, I Was A Slave Of The Stag Movie Syndicate, No Second Chances For Sex Fiends, and Mountains Of Dead And Still They Come


Ripped by the Fangs of Mad Death!

Man's Smashing Stories June 1959

Also featuring I Fought The Reds With Girl Guerrillas, My Bare Hands To Kill Him, Incredible Bawdy House Escape, and Trapped By The Roaring Fires Of Hell


The Sacred Orgy Of The White Rhino

Man's Daring Action June, 1959

Also, Are You A Love Weakling? and She Devil Scourge Of The Carabees


The Time Masters

Startling Stories January 1954 thumbnail
Startling Stories - 1954.01 - 000010-11 thumbnail
Startling Stories - 1954.01 - 000019 thumbnail
Startling Stories - 1954.01 - 000075 thumbnail
Startling Stories - 1954.01 - 000088a thumbnail
Startling Stories - 1954.01 - 000112 thumbnail
Startling Stories January 1954
Startling Stories - 1954.01 - 000010-11
Startling Stories - 1954.01 - 000019
Startling Stories - 1954.01 - 000075
Startling Stories - 1954.01 - 000088a
Startling Stories - 1954.01 - 000112

Also, His Head In The Clouds. This entire issue can be downloaded here


Four Who Fled

Speed Adventure Stories - January 1943 thumbnail
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Speed Adventure Stories - January 1943

First issue of Speed Adventure Stories, after it was re-titled from Spicy Adventure Stories

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