Madam Satan’s Yellow Legion

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Strange Detective Mysteries - November 1940

Also featuring Coming Of The Boneless Men

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Riders Of The Burning Sand!

All-Adventure Action Novels - Spring 1939

Also, Drums Of The Desert, Red Typhoon, and The Iron Men of Devil’s Island


Murder’s Old Maids

Famous Detective Stories October 1956 thumbnail
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Famous Detective Stories October 1956

Also, The Wolves of Werclaw. This entire issue can be downloaded here

Blood On Stonega’s Timber


Also, Valley Of The White Death


Playboy Parker’s Joy Girl Commando Raid

Man's Daring Magazine January 1962

Also, High School Girls Are Driving The “Pros” Out Of Business, Nude Tortures Of 1,000 Cuts!, and last but definitely not least Mad Lust Of The Hypnotized Gorilla


I Saw The Slave Girl Market

True Adventures December 1960

Also, How To Tell If She’s Really Faithful, Sex À La Carte, and Violent Violet’s Strip-Tease Trap: Kiss Me And Die!


Scalping Bee Of Snake River

52077803539- Frontier Stories Summer 1945.

Also, The Lone Star Camel Corps


The Drink That Drives You Love Crazy

Man's Adventure Magazine September 1961

A single sip will lead to writhing passion

Also, The Jail-Bait Nymphos Of Paris, Nightmare On Yucca Flat, One-Armed Killer Of The Skies, and One Million Dollars In Gold Can Be Yours: All You’ve Got To Do . . . . . . Is Take It


Hitler’s Inferno Of Branded Women!

Man's Action Magazine January 1962

Also, Love Practices Of Immoral Coeds and Lola Hearn’s Flying Bordello!


Murder In Morocco

Popular Detective April 1940

This entire issue can be downloaded here


Lawrence Of Arabia: Desert Fighter and Woman Hater

Sir! July 1962