The Man Who Collected Women

Amazing Stories April 1957

The Most Shocking Hobby In The Universe


The Sex Games That Wife-Swappers Play

BATTLE CRY July 1967

I love the little thumb-cuffs. Also featuring The Man-Happy Frauleins Who Sold Their Bodily Charms To The Reds!, Vice-Hungry Housewives And Their Play-For-Pay House Of Love!, and The Death-Cursed Treasure Of The Paraguay Jungle!


Hand From The Void

Super Science Stories cover, January 1951 thumbnail
10370941145_235106967b_k thumbnail
Super Science Stories cover, January 1951

This entire issue can be downloaded here

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Raffles Enters The Gibraltar Mystery

Black Book Detective 1938 March

A Long Book-Length Novel Featuring The World-Famous Amateur Cracksman


Cavern of Virgin’s Death

New Mystery Adventures - October 1935

Also, Star Of The Morning


Revolt Of The Circus Freaks

Horror Stories - October 1938 thumbnail
Horror Stories October-November 1938 thumbnail
Horror Stories - October 1938
Horror Stories October-November 1938

Also, Priestess Of The Plague

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The Mystery Of The Salted Mill

Mystery Adventures Magazine - February 1937