Rangeland Bridgehead

Ranch Romances July 28 1944

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Red Dawn / Sower of Swords

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Spicy Adventure Stories - August 1939

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I Cheated The Strangler

True Detective August 1958

Also featuring I Saw Them Kill Michael Farmer and The Voodoo Widow’s Recipe For Death


Beautiful, Blue, And Deadly!

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Dime Detective October 1952

This entire issue can be downloaded here

The Moon Terror & Other Stories

The Moon Terror & Other Stories 1927

The Moon Terror & Other Stories is a hardcover collection of four early stories from Weird Tales magazine from its first year of publication (1923). It was issued in 1927 by the publisher of Weird Tales.

Since its initial publication in as a two-part serial in 1923, readers of Weird Tales had sent in letters making repeated requests asking for the short novel The Moon Terror to be reprinted. Unfortunately, by the time the publishers finally got around to reprinting the story in book form in this collection in 1927, interest in The Moon Terror had waned (one factor being that Amazing Stories had come into existence in 1926 and was publishing similar SF horror tales).

So despite the publisher’s initial great hopes for The Moon Terror & Other Stories, the book proved to be a fiasco. It took years for it to sell out despite being peddled for $1.50 a copy in Weird Tales (usually in a prominent back cover ad) on into the 1930s. It was eventually given away free with a subscription to the magazine to try to dispose of the unsold copies.

This entire book can be downloaded here.