The Survivors (Men)

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A Plane Crash-Landed In Uncharted Jungle… Five Men And Two Women Still Alive… What Will Happen To The Survivors


The Magnificent Double-Cross

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MEN June 1969

5 ruthless pros — a dazzling nymphomaniac in an action-packed million-dollar heist!

Also featuring A New Way To Master Sexual Pleasure, What goes on in the “Executive Suite”, Let’s Stop The Rape Of Our Public Lands, and Two Wives For Every Man


Raft of Despair / Mad Sea

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This painting of a lone man on a life raft surrounded by sharks was used for both the cover of a book — Raft of Despair by Ensio Tiira (1954) — and for the cover of the December 1956 cover of Men magazine.


We Found The Paiute Gold

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Also, ‘Pickup Girls of St. Joe’

Edit: Added the original painting by Mort Kunstler. However, notice that he re-did the bottom-right corner, replacing the fallen native man with a blonde woman. This modified image was used as the cover of the April 1971 issue of Male magazine.


Free The Women of Love Captive Stalag

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Why is that Nazi officer painting flowers on a woman in her underwear? Because he is JUST THAT EVIL!

Also featuring ‘Rotten Meat Bootleggers’, ‘The Thrill-Kill Pack’, and ‘Why You Girls Turn Into Unbridled Sex Kittens: The Bedroom Rebels’


Edit: Added original/alternate artwork. Clearly, it is a different version of the same scene. via

Update: SubtropicBob noticed the same thing, but he had the artist’s phone number, so he called and asked what was up with the nude variant. It seems that someone bought the original painting years ago and repainted it with nudity in an attempt to increase its resale value. He also included the interior artwork for this coverstory, which I have now added here.

How To Tell If You Are Sexually Normal: A personal 25-point checklist


Question 1) Do you fantasize about wrestling cephalopods?


Kidnapped Blondes On Love Slave Highway

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Looks like the color didn’t hold up so well on this painting.

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