Secrets Of The East Berlin Torture Palace

Men Today February 1962 thumbnail
Men Today February 1962 thumbnail
MEN TODAY Feb 1962 thumbnail
Men Today February 1962
Men Today February 1962
MEN TODAY Feb 1962

Also featuring Nude Virgins For The Chamber Of Evil, The Scandal Of Draft Deferment, I Book Passion Parties, Trapped In A Caribbean Cave Of Lust, and Schmiesser Slugs Are Tearing My Guts

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Hideous Vengeance Rites Of The Nazi’s Cages Of Agony



Roast In Hell, My Sweet!


Possibly related to this story in Man’s Epic, June 1964


Handmaidens Of Hell For Madame Torture

Men Today June 1962


Soft White Body For The Devil’s Hangman

Men Today February 1965


Hideous Secrets of the Mindanao Cave Monster

Men Today Dec 1961 thumbnail
Men Today December 1961 thumbnail
Men Today Dec 1961
Men Today December 1961

Also featuring Ride The Wild Horse of Death, The Flapper Who Fingered Scarface, and Teasers Die Hard!

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Savage Rites Of The Whip-Wielding Panzer Monsters

MEN TODAY - 1971 05 May - cover by Bruce Minney-8x6

Also featuring Self Test: Do You Arouse A Woman Sexually? Soft Brides For The Fiends Of Orgy Island, Bizarre Sex Practices Of Our Turned-On Coeds, and The Violent World Of The Homosexual


Damned Beauties For The Nazi Horror Museum

MEN TODAY - 1964 12 Dec - Original Norm Eastman-8x6 thumbnail
Men Today December 1964 thumbnail
MEN TODAY - 1964 12 Dec - Original Norm Eastman-8x6
Men Today December 1964

Also featuring I Sell Love Door To Door To Bored Wives and You Men Leave Me Cold: A 21 Year Old Beauty Queen Exposes Your Lousy Love Techniques

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Soft Maidens for the Monster’s Devil Fish


This action-packed issue also includes, One Tick to Doom, Brides of Agony in the Caves of Horror, and Love Captive of Castro’s Execution Squad Harlots


Bring Back The Jungle’s Plaything Of Desire

Men Today May 1968

Wait, are they in the jungle, or out in the desert with the cacti?


Are Your Sex Desires Abnormal?


Nope, that looks completely vanilla.

Also includes I Pay Off in Lust — Confessions of an Orgy Girl, The Golden Nudes For The Mad Nazi Sculptor, and Skewer Our Guts on the Devil’s Stakes, all of which also sound completely non-weird.


Brides Of Horror For The Croatian Beast


Also, The Bordello Blitz Of France’s Harlot Army, The Evil Shadows That Threaten Your Love Life, O.S.S. Rogers’ Incredible Lust Island Paradise, and “I’m Making My Wife A Killer”


Vile Secrets Of Hitler’s Hideous Torture Rites

26047854-MEN_TODAY_-_1970_03_March_-_cover_by_Bruce_Minney-8x6 thumbnail
26047857-MEN_TODAY_-_1970_03_March_-_original_painting_by_Bruce_Minney-8x6 thumbnail

Also includes Sex Capers of Coed Orgy Queens, Days of Agony For Russia’s Damned Virgins, 10 Sure Ways To Master A Woman Of Fire, and I Joined London’s Wildest Sin Cult.


Screaming Nudes For Hitler’s Ministry Of Terror

26048091-MEN_TODAY_-_1972_08_August_-_original_painting_by_Walter_Popp-8x6 thumbnail
26048093-MEN_TODAY_-_1972_08_August_,_cover_by_Walter_Popp-8x6 thumbnail