Ride the Nazi’s Swing of Agony, Lovely Maiden

20131263-New Man - 1968 04 April - Cover by Basil Gogos

Also featuring Beware the Lust Traps of the She Wolves, Walk Into Death At Hell’s Crossroads, Shocking Scandal of Suburbia’s Strange Wives, Golden Nudes of the Monster Wizard, and my personal favorite, Fantastic Love War of the West’s Mother-Daughter Team.

Torturing Tarts of Frankfurt


The sight of pain made her shriek with pleasure

Also includes, ‘Sex Is Their Business’ and ‘Bonus: How To Cash In On The Horses’


Pirate Queen of the China Seas


Kalba Wong terrorized men — but Cliff Wrede taught her a leason.

Also featuring ‘I Am A Nympho Alcoholic’, ‘Raped In The Black Wave of Terror’, and ‘How to Bet YOUR System’

William the Cannibal


They fell upon the unwary traveller and dragged him with savage whoops and cries to the fire. There they bound him to a tree and danced around brandishing sticks and chanting wild songs. Then they cooked him in a cauldron over a blazing fire, and ate him. Ginger was the first traveller, then it was Henry’s turn, and then Douglas’s. Finally William was eaten, his dying groans arousing real admiration. Altogether being cannibals was jolly good fun.


Chains of Agony for the Bound Beauties of Norway

19576736-Man's Epic, October 1972 thumbnail
19576757-Man's Epic, October 1972Norm Eastman thumbnail
19576736-Man's Epic, October 1972
19576757-Man's Epic, October 1972Norm Eastman

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How Women React to Sex

19576577-Battle Cry, June 1963, artwork by Vic Prezio thumbnail
19576568-Battle Cry, June 1963, cover by Vic Prezio thumbnail
19576577-Battle Cry, June 1963, artwork by Vic Prezio
19576568-Battle Cry, June 1963, cover by Vic Prezio

The latest studies show that women do not react well to being chained up and having giant snakes thrust in their faces. More research is needed.

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The Witch Finder


Under the guise of religion he tortured women who defied him and men who ignored his “righteous” cause


I was forced to watch in horror as… Whips Tasted Her Blood!


Original covers for Robert E. Howard’s Conan stories, published between 1933 and 1936

19260111-wtjune33b thumbnail
19260115-wtsept33 thumbnail
26775718-lf thumbnail
26775827-lf thumbnail
19260118-wtsept34b thumbnail
19260107-wtdec34b thumbnail
20910754-lf thumbnail
19260108-wtdec35b thumbnail
19260109-wtjuly36b thumbnail

All nine were painted by Margaret Brundage, who was the most popular of Weird Tales’ cover artists. She was known for her images depicting bondage and flagellation of women. Authors would insert unnecessary scenes depicting nude women being tortured or whipped to ensure their story got the cover of an issue.

Call-Girl Traitors of Berlin

22355797-Real Men magazine, February 1961

The safe-word is FLÜGGÅƎNK∂€ČHIŒβØL∫ÊN


Wildcat Adventures

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18913431-Wildcat_Adventures_-_1959_05_June_-_First_issue,_Burroughs,_Arab_Peril-8x6 thumbnail
18913434-Wildcat_Adventures_-_1963_07_July_-_Nazi_bondage_and_torture-8x6 thumbnail
18913436-Wildcat_Adventures_-_1964_08_Aug_-_teen_gangs_or_bikers-8x6 thumbnail

I am sensing a theme here.

The Fighting Nympho of Normandy


 “How Any Man Can Collect A Harem” Step 1) Be extremely rich

The Price You Pay For Going Naked

All Man July 1964 thumbnail
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All Man July 1964

Also, What Women Want Out of Sex and Jungle Duel of Death