The Man Who Was Eichmann’s Boss

War Criminals Magazine June 1963


Goering — King Of Evil

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War Criminals January 1966
War Criminals Magazine October 1963

The only surviving member of his personal torture staff reports

Also, The Dirty Dame Of Dachau, The Blood-Stained Stones Of Paris, Diary Of A Nazi Pilot, and Jungle Lord Of Torture

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The Private Torture Slaves Of Reinhard Heydrich

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Battle Cry January 1968
Real Men November 1964

Also includes,

The Blood-Soaked Queen Of Buchenwald, Hitler’s Human Guinea Pigs, Horror Was My Business, Joseph Goebbels: Ink-stained killer of the Third Reich

The Man Who Taught The Nazis How To Torture!, How You Can Have All The Sex You Can Handle!, Vice Is My Business,

Husband Swapping is Fun, The Strange World of The Pain Lovers, Spies — Sex — Sadism: The Death-Caves of Malta, and $9,000,000 Treasure of the Nude of Casablanca

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They Called Her Fraulein Torture

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War Criminals August 1961

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