Stud In Paradise!

Man's True Danger December 1967

He didn’t mind fathering a new race with all those south seas beauties but there was a half a million dollars waiting for him in Frisco…

Also featuring Warning! Sex Can Kill You!, Sex International’s New Isle Of Shame!, Girls’ School Orgy, Where To Find A $Million$ Buried On Long Island!, and The Lust Galley Of The Jet Set Playboy


Orgiastic Gates Of Hell!

Man's True Danger Magazine August 1962

Also, The Truth About Part-Time Joy Girls, The Blood Bath Of The Bootleg Barons, and Blonde Queen Of The Naked Zambus


Nude Death Orgy Of The Women Crazy Cossacks

Man's True Danger Magazine February 1963


Gang Lust and the Captive Prison Nurse

Man's True Danger October 1965

Also, I Joined A Zen Torture Cult, Wild Women In New York, and How To Cope With A Seductress


The Nude Bikini Debs Of The Death-Head Gang

True Danger Magazine December 1962 thumbnail
Man's True Danger December 1962 thumbnail
True Danger Magazine December 1962
Man's True Danger December 1962

Also featuring Nine Love Traps To Be Aware Of, Nympho Wives, We Raided The Bordello Of Bored Women And Their Illicit Lovers and Seaman Wilbur Longbaugh’s Seven Year Love Battle

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The Teenage Nazi She-Wolves Of Berlin

True Danger Magazine October 1962 thumbnail
True Danger Oct 1962 thumbnail
True Danger Magazine October 1962
True Danger Oct 1962

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The Nympho Cossack Queen Of The Bloody Steppes

True Danger, 1968

Also featuring Sex Guilts Make You Impotent!, Sex Monster In The Bedroom, I Trained The Nude Girl Boxers Of Bangkok and Swamp Lust!


They Shaved And Stripped France’s Girl Traitors

John Duillo, True Danger November 1964 thumbnail
True Danger November 1964 thumbnail
John Duillo, True Danger November 1964
True Danger November 1964

This may be the most mild Torture cover I have ever shared

Also featuring Sex Slaves In Saris, The Willing Witches Of Stud Island and 7 Ways You Can Be A Better Lover

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Hell In A Blue Bikini

True Danger June 1965

Revenge Raid Of The Ravaged Assault Girls

Also featuring The Secret Sex Lives Of Women, I Was A Playgirl’s Bodyguard and Blood Bath On The Riviera


Ugly Womankeeper Of Melbourne

Man's True Danger June 1963

Sinister Desires Pulsated Through His Fetish-Warped Brain Whenever Beauty Repulsed The Ugly Womankeeper Of Melbourne

Also featuring The Massacre Of Pancho Villa’s Unfeeling, Ravaging Senoritas and He Was Able-Bodied, But Lacked The Stamina To Combat The Well Equipped Female Kamikazi Who Almost Blew Up The Panama Canal


The Nazi Lust Ordeal Of The Virgin Belly Dancer

Wildcat Adventures Magazine February 1964 thumbnail
Wildcat Adventures February 1960 thumbnail
Man's True Danger October 1967 thumbnail
Wildcat Adventures Magazine February 1964
Wildcat Adventures February 1960
Man's True Danger October 1967

Also featuring The Marathon Switchblade Duel of the Soho Tarts

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I Fled The Fasching Flesh Trap

40271432-6844542942_48104eaa70_o[1] thumbnail
40271469-6859185228_d23a66df27_o[1] thumbnail

Frauleins, Beer, And Devil-Worship

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The Heinous Hyenas Of Hell


Also featuring Warning: Love Gadgets Can Kill You


Depraved Nude Girl Duelists

True Danger Magazine April 1963 thumbnail
38557804-truedanger-1 thumbnail
True Danger Magazine April 1963

Also featuring Is Your Job Ruining Your Love Life?, My Nightmare Orgy With Russia’s Beat Set, and Nympho Queen Of The Faceless Men


Naked Lust In A Hashish Harem


Also featuring Why Virgins Make Frustrating LoversPassion Ship Of Desire-Haunted Women, The Sex-Crazed Kidnap Cult Of The Tanganyika Lion Men, Frenzied Pain-Test Orgy of the Zen Fire Walkers, Bloodiest Treasure in the Sea, and last but not least, Vile Shame Of “Jail-Bait” Call Girls