Lucky At Cards


At Cards And With Women, Bill Maynard Knew How To Cheat

He Handled Cards Like A Master… But Could He Handle Her?

On the mend after getting run out of Chicago, professional cardsharp Bill Maynard is hungry for some action—but not nearly as hungry as Joyce Rogers, the tantalizing wife of Bill’s latest mark. Together they hatch an ingenious scheme to get rid of her husband. But in life as in poker, the other player sometimes has an ace up his sleeve…

Top of the Heap


She Played The Odds — And Lost!

The client had a perfect alibi for the night Maureen Auburn disappeared — but nothing made private eye Donald Lam suspicious like a perfect alibi.

When the beautiful girlfriend of a notorious gangster vanishes, it’s up to P.I. Donald Lam to get to the bottom of her disappearance — and of a mining scam, an illegal casino operation, a double homicide, and an opportunity for an enterprising private eye to make a small fortune…if he can just stay alive long enough to cash in!

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Three For The Money


The widows of a murdered gambler search for the killer and the loot!

That actually sounds like it could be a good story. I would watch that movie, anyway.


The Big Bet (Original Title: Any Number Can Play)

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Bantam 553 (Nov., 1948). Cover by Bob Doares thumbnail
Bantam 553 (Nov., 1948). Cover by Bob Doares

He Risked His Neck on a Mad Gamble


Strip-Poker Swap


They first found love, but when they played Switch-Mate, raw sensuality won out!