The Girl Downstairs


Pete had a dream about her – an erotic dream, and he wanted to live that dream

From the back:

Cora was the new tenant in the basement apartment. She was different from the other neighborhood girls in a strange, quiet sort of way—more attractive too. From the first time Pete saw her he felt tensions. Given time, something was bound to happen between them. This is the story of what happened—from the time Pete barely saved her from a gang rape, to the time all the strangeness of Cora finally fell away and Pete knew her completely.


Eve Without Adam


She was unmarried, ambitious and determined to capitalize on the one sure power a woman has over a man…
There are 13,000,000 unmarried women in the United States, and their ranks are growing every day. With this come problems—mostly man problems! Author Brian Black pulls no punches in this startling novel about the ways and wiles of the unmarried woman with a need for love

Artwork was cropped from All Woman


Resort Secretary

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Even before she got on the staff Eve knew she would be taking more than dictation

From the back:

Season Of Sin
Eve could never say she didn’t know what she was letting herself in for when she took the job as private secretary to the lecherous owner of a pleasure resort — he had made a pass at her before she was hired. But Eve was in trouble and needed the job regardless of the risk. Between her boss and Cliff and Doug she sometimes did not know which end was up, but she managed to ride out the season.
Life behind the scenes of a pleasure resort where the staff played harder than the guests.


Harling College (1961)


A Teaching Degree Was Needed… And The Subject Was Sex!

Prexied by a beautiful tramp…
Financed by tainted millions…
Guided by an international boudoir expert…
Staffed by a free-loving faculty…

The Shocking Story Of A Plush Campus, Where Co-eds Received A Liberal Education

From the back:

A Girl Learns All Kinds Of Things In College…!

Blonde, bold and busty — Dorothy Benson at twenty was the answer to every lusting male’s prayers. Yet she wasn’t enough for ambitious Jim Harrigan. He used each lovely inch of her, then passed on to the green eyes and greener pastures of petite Cynthia Jamison.

She had a million-dollar figure and a million-dollar bankroll — some of which, for peculiar reasons of her own, she was spending on a very special little college. Suddenly Jim found himself managing a school full of delightful co-eds and bewitching young teachers. Behind Cynthia’s back, he began to taste forbidden sweets, the most appetizing of which was a classroom beauty named Melanie Moore.

All sorts of scandalous doings followed, on and oft the campus. No girl on the place was safe, and no girl wanted to be. Then, one day, Melanie’s shocked fiance visited. The explosive action that followed made Jim wonder if he should not run back to green-eyed Cynthia — or maybe even to his all-but-forgotten blonde Dorothy!

A Bold Novel Which Strips the Veil from the So-called Private Institutions of “Higher Learning”

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Bait / Cravings

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Beacon Books B525F, 1962
Beacon Books B637F. 1963

He was out for the big deals, and she was his… Bait

Melody covered the convention front — as a “special assistant” — and swung those big deals in her own way!

A Novel That Dares to Reveal How Women Are Used As Pawns in Today’s World of High Finance!

Riper Than Love, Deeper Than Lust, Her Strange Needs Drove Ericka To The Brink…

Bait can be downloaded here

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