Squeeze Play / The Swimming Pool Set

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Beacon Books B441Y 1961

She did the things you read about in banned books…
The Shocking Story Of A Redhead Who Tried To Keep Three Men Happy!

This cover art was reused for The Swimming Pool Set

Sex And Success Were Door Prizes For The Boldest House Guest
A novel that rips the roof off a resort rendezvous and its free-wheeling, free-loving “operators”

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The Trailer Park Girls

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43926601-110 Glenn Canary The Trailer Park Girls Monarch063[1]

Their Love Was As Mobile As Their Home And Just As Carefree


Sex Is A Woman Named Nina

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The body to snare men. The money to buy men. The skill to thrill men. Nina had them all — plus an uncontrollable desire for twisted pleasures!

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Blonde Versus Brunette In A Lusty Fracas With No Holds Barred.

There Was Lita, Who Used Black Gold As Fuel For Passion, And Joan — So Free With Her Charms — So Lavish With Her Lips.

A Rip Roaring Saga Of The Oil Fields, And The Men And Women Caught In Its Vortex Of Lust And Greed.

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A Special Kind of Love

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She was young, blonde, and ripe for… A Special Kind Of Love

The shocking story of a small-town girl who thought she knew all about love — until she learned from experts…

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Exciting Widow


What strange mystery ruled her wanton life?

She followed her passions where they led — into love both sacred and profane… into society and the slums

A Daring Novel About A Cruel, Proud But Loving Woman

Cover swiped from That Kind Of Widow


Love Is For Everybody

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Gold Star 1L7-39 1964 thumbnail
Gold Star 1L7-39 1964

The fascinating portrait of a woman obsessed by her own desires

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Beautiful But Bad

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Monarch 282 - 1962

She Played A Dangerous Game — With Love, Men And Money

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Street Walker


Lorraine Was In The Business For Two Reasons — One Was Money!

The Unblushing Story Of A Successful Call Girl — And How She Rose From The Gutter To The Top Of Her Profession!


Her Young Lover


The sophisticated suburban wife was bored with her home — and with her husband

The boy was the teenage son of her closest friend


Death Draws The Line


Their star cartoonist was dead… and his comic strip told its own strange tale…