Love-Starved Women Sailors Of The South Pacific

Man's Action Magazine January 1970

Cover swiped from Man’s Daring, January 1962


Special Features For Red-Blooded Men

Exotic Magazine No.2 1958

The second of only 6 issues


A Kiss Of Flame For France’s Lovely Daughters Of Freedom

Men Today Magazine June 1964


Trapped With A Lion That Wouldn’t Die

True Men Magazine June 1960


Squirm In Hell, My Lovely Muchacha

Man's Story Magazine 1964

Also, Fantastic Sexual Revolution Of The American Wife, Weekends Are For Lust, I Discovered Hitler’s Super Secret Sin Girl Castle, and Self Test: How Really Virile Are You?


The Belgian Beauties In The Nazi Mad Dog Pit Of Terror

World of Men Magazine August 1964

Also, The Hidden Twilight Life Of America’s Million Bisexuals, Are Women Making You A Sex Zombie, and I Blasted Castro’s Top Secret Nympho Spy Ring


Hideous Secrets Of The Nazi Horror Cult

Man's Story Magazine November 1961


I Led The Nazi Nymphos Against The Red Hordes

Man's Story Magazine July 1961

Also, 1,000 Maidens For Satan’s Orgies Of Terror, Talk, My Lovely, Or Beg For Death!, Your Filthy Mind Is Making You Impotent, and I Am Teaching My Son To Fight Dirty


School For Nymphos

All Man Magazine January 1963

Also featuring Sex In The Islands, I Watched Them Eat My Flesh!, Women Are My Slaves, and Traitor With A Whip


Seven Ways To Recognize A Nymphomaniac

All Man Magazine January 1966

Also featuring Why We Love Wife-Swapping, I Found The Fabulous Lost Treasure Of The Czars, and Vampirism — Fresh Blood For Breakfast


Death Hogs The Spotlight

Variety Detective Magazine August 1938

First issue. This entire issue can be downloaded here