Hot Pants Homo

All Star Book AS-22 1964

Apparently, the man romancing the nice young women on this cover is gay.


Tent-Show Bride


The Carnival Stripper’s Reward Was — Degradation!

From the back:

When a marijuana scandal makes life intolerable for young Gay Leslie in her home town, she runs off with a carnival show as ballyhoo girl. Soon, in her innocence, she succumbs to the sweet talk and gorgeous body of Apollo, the strong-man with the show. The the glamor of carnival life quickly disappears, to be replaced by sordidness and cruelty. For Apollo turns out to be a mighty lover–but also a jealous, calculating madman! He makes Gay perform as the carnival stripper, each day forcing her to sink lower into degradation. Gay cannot resist this cruel, queer love–nor his reckless exploitation of her beauty. The giant is too strong, too dangerous! But she does find a haven in the arms of another man–who struggles with Apollo to break the fetters which enslave her…”

Muscle Boy


They got their kicks from forbidden feats of strength!

The Sign of the Moonbow


“Mightier than Conan?” No. No one is mightier than Conan.

Death-Kraal of the Elephants


Ki-Gor, Jungle Lord, invades the valley of the ivory giants!

Crazy Wild To Kill Me


Also includes, “I Didn’t Want to Kill Him”, and ‘They Ate Him Alive’, which when juxtaposed create a tale of true horror. 

Original covers for Robert E. Howard’s Conan stories, published between 1933 and 1936

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All nine were painted by Margaret Brundage, who was the most popular of Weird Tales’ cover artists. She was known for her images depicting bondage and flagellation of women. Authors would insert unnecessary scenes depicting nude women being tortured or whipped to ensure their story got the cover of an issue.

Monkey Madness


Also, ‘What To Tell Your Wife About Sex’. Presumably, “Yes, please!”

I Fought The Blood Suckers of Ceylon

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Male October 1955 thumbnail
Male October 1955

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