Thirst For The Blood Of The Tiger!


Also featuring Traitor Queen Of The Sulu Sea


The Red Hot Kitten And The Ice Cool Cat

Man's Adventure November 1959

Also featuring The Box-Car Bawds Of Buffalo Bend


The Bloody Butcher of the Natchez Trail!

Man's Adventure February 1959

Also, The shocking case history of A Teenage Madame!, My Business Is Making Babies! and I Gave My Legs To The Maggots Of Africa!


White Flesh for the Warlords of China

Man's Adventure November 1958


The Captive Harem Of Mustapha Dhai

Man's Adventure September 1959

Also featuring The Kick-Happy Amature vs The Professional 


Blonde Captives of the Cavemen

Man's Adventure April 1959

Out of the four captives shown, only one can be described as blonde.

Also featuring Call-Girl Queen of the Underworld, Twelve Things You Should Know About Women, and The True Facts About America’s Trailer Camps


The Sharks Got My Legs!


Also featuring The Kill-Crazy Nympho of Sunset Strip, Hophead Farmers of the Cumberland Hills, Play-Girls Of The Seven Seas (They ply their trade wherever men go down to the sea in ships), and City of Branded Women 


I Found The Mummies of Peru


Also featuring Paris: Still The Most, They’re After Your Blood! Crimes Of Our Knife-Happy Medicos!, and I Faced A Million Tons of Hell… Hard Bullets and Soft Flesh


The Women Who Raffle Their Love

Man's Adventure March

Sure it’s a racket, but every week a million guys are putting their cash on the line…

That gorilla is very excited to have the winning ticket!

Also featuring The Treasure That’s Yours For The Taking and She Laughed Her Way To Murder


They Offer Themselves To Pain

Man's Adventure Magazine July 1961 thumbnail
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Man's Adventure Magazine July 1961

Only through a ceremony of torture can the find a lifetime of health

Also featuring The Racket In Big Bosoms and The Sex Trap That Can Wreck Your Life

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The Nympho Spy Who Helped To Lose The War



White Flesh For Nasser’s Gold


Also, Strange Sex Habits of the Gauchos!


The Island That Lived For Death

MAN'S ADVENTURE October 1958 thumbnail
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MAN'S ADVENTURE October 1958

Japan, presumably.

Also featuring The Stag Party: The Young Bride’s Best Friend

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The National Exchange Of Wife-Swapping


Also, The Town Where Girls Go Naked, Castro Had Me Marked For Murder, and You Are Marked For Blackmail