I Fought The Queen of the Switch-Blade Jungle!


Also, Blood on the Maple Leaf: The Fantastic Story of the Irish Army’s Invasion of Canada


Bride of the Anaconda

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Naked Girl-Bait For The Outlaws of Lubang Island

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Man's Adventure January 1965
Battle Cry April 1968

Also featuring, Commie Castle of Torture, The Girl Who Has Sword To Kill Castro, and The Ever-Lovin’ Housewives of Pay for Passion Villa

via Edit: Added the April 1968 cover of Battle Cry, which reused the same artwork

One of Hitler’s girl victims tells How It Feels To Be Tortured


Also, ‘Folks who Live For The Glory of Pain’, ‘Tani Hebbler — The Girls With A Thirst For Human Blood’, ‘The Gang Raid That Almost Destroyed New York’, and “Wife-Swapping — The Best Thing We Ever Did!”

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