Soft Decoys of Death to Smash the Krauts

MAN'S EPIC September 1966

Amazingly, this is the second cover I have posted with this title. This issue also features Twilight Women — America’s Modern Love Tragedy, Rumble On The Rocks, and The Great Harlot Auction Of The Old West


The Sex Mania Of Working Wives

Man's Epic October 1971

I would have titled this one Stripped Virgins For The Torch Of Torment, but that title was already used! Also featuring The Classroom Gay Set — Our Latest Teen Tragedy, Assignment Lust — Bring Back Saigon’s Queen Of Espionage, and Helpless Beauties Of The Nazi’s Circus Of Agony


Tortured Beauties For The Nazi Blood Cult

Man's Epic Fepruary 1965

Also, I Was A Captive Of The Sultan’s Harem!, The Cause And Cure Of Male Sex Failure, and Teasers Die Hard


The Dreams That Can Make You Impotent

Man's Epic April 1965

Also featuring Smothered By An Avalanche Of Passion. I would have used Soft Bodies For Hitler’s Torture Master, but Man’s Epic also used that title the very next month, so….


Soft Bodies For Hitler’s Torture Master

Man's Epic June 1965

Also, Nude Virgins For The Chamber Of Lust


Operation Blood: Get Hitler’s Maiden Butchering Sadist

Man's Epic January 1970

Also featuring Where Ski Bunnies Go To Run Wild, $10,000 For Your Corpse!, The Sizzling Nympho Who Outsmarted The Soviets’ KGB, and Inside The Hottest Passion Spa South Of The Border


Chained Nudes For The Devil’s Legion

MANS EPIC December 1964 2-5

Also, Love In A Suitcase and The Lesbian Epidemic That Is Ruining Your Sex Life

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Brotherhood Of Evil And Its 1000 Naked Beauties

Man's Epic January 1966


Secrets of the Africa Corps Torture Palace

Man’s Epic August 1964 thumbnail
Man’s Epic, August 1964 thumbnail
Man’s Epic August 1964
Man’s Epic, August 1964

Also featuring Love Slaves Of France’s Army, I Was A Teenage Nympho, and 10 to 1 You Flunk As A Lover

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Captive Beauties For The Monster Baron

Man's Epic Magazine June 1964 thumbnail
Man's Epic June 1964 thumbnail
Man's Epic Magazine June 1964
Man's Epic June 1964

Also, Love Slave Of T.V.’s Casting Directors, Terror Of The Walking Dead and I Was A Captive Of A Teenage Lust Club

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I’m Not Afraid Of World War III

Man's Epic March 1968

Also, Night Of The 30 Virgins, Ordeal Of The 100 Whips, and Teens On “The Wrong Road To Sex”


Nude Beauties For The Devil’s Chains

Man's Epic August 1965


Shackled Nudes Of The Monster General

25176272-MAN'S_EPIC,_May_1966_-_original_painting_by_Mel_Crair-8x6 thumbnail
25176295-MAN'S_EPIC,_May_1966_-_cover_by_Mel_Crair-8x6[1] thumbnail

Also featuring “Teach Me About Sex” — Cry Of A Frigid Woman, Juke Joint Passion — First Step To Violence, and Fantastic Escape Of MME. Torture’s  Lust Slaves


Chains of Agony for the Bound Beauties of Norway

19576736-Man's Epic, October 1972 thumbnail
19576757-Man's Epic, October 1972Norm Eastman thumbnail
19576736-Man's Epic, October 1972
19576757-Man's Epic, October 1972Norm Eastman

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