How They Get Their Kicks Out Of Pain

All Man March 1966 thumbnail
All Man Magazine March 1966 thumbnail
All Man March 1966
All Man Magazine March 1966

Also featuring Take a Chance on Sex!, I Found the $46,000,000 Treasure of the Jungles of Panama, and A Knife For A Naked Spy (Twenty Nude Women Ready For Him If He’d Turn Traitor)

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Revenge of the Nazi Love Doll

Battle Cry February 1964 thumbnail
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Battle Cry February 1964
Battle Cry v7#001(1964).pdf-016
Battle Cry v7#001(1964).pdf-017
Battle Cry v7#001(1964).pdf-019
Battle Cry v7#001(1964).pdf-020
Battle Cry v7#001(1964).pdf-028

Also featuring The Women Who Ruin Your Love Life. This entire issue can be downloaded here


Pain — The Key To Sex Happiness!

Men In Conflict May 1966

Also featuring I Fight With Killer Snakes! and The Terrible Truth About Devil Worship. Cover reused from the August 1961 issue of Battle Cry


Gun Blast

Gun Blast

Westbrook Didn’t Want The Job As Temporary Sheriff, But Once He Took It He Backed The Law With A Fast Gun.


The Man-Hating Nymphomaniac Who Spied For Kicks

Real Men July 1968

Also featuring The Sex Town Where All The Loving Is For Free!, Are You Man Enough To Keep Your Woman Satisfied In Bed? and No Time To Scream, No Time To Run… Flash Fire




1878 — A novel of the Bannock Indian Wars


Swinging Resorts Where Studs And Nymphs Work To Wear Each Other Down!

Real Men September 1973

Also featuring Super-Sex: American Men With Two “Wives” To Bed Down! and Girls, Kidnaped In Europe, Sold As Slaves To The Brothels Of The East. Cover reused from the March 1961 issue of Big Adventure


Masters Of Murder

Real Men February 1961

Also featuring Call Girl Traitors Of Berlin and Sex For Sale


The Berlin Nudes And Their Studio Of Torture!

Battle Cry October 1967 thumbnail
Battle Cry Oct 1967 thumbnail
Battle Cry October 1967
Battle Cry Oct 1967

Also, 12 Sex Tips To A Successful Love-Life and Wife-Swap Habits Of Typical Couples!


The Submarine That Died Twice


This cover may hold the record for most Steve Hollands in one image


You Can’t Split From Hell, Chick!

Man's Story February 1971

Also featuring The Sex Science Revolution — What It Means To You, My Wild Escape From The Sultan’s Harem Of Hate, The First Step To Doom — The Case Against Pot, and Street Corner Sex Savagery — Our Growing Menace


Bridge Over The River Kwai

Man's Magazine (Jan., 1958). Cover Art by Mel Crair

Also includes The Sex Habits Nobody Talks About, Men Who Are Ruining Texas, Slums Of Baseball, and What You Should Know About Weightlifting