Yank Who Flew 20 Playgirls Out Of Red China

Male November 1960

Also featuring The Prisoner In Fraulein Anna’s Private Compound, Tragedy At The Very Center Of The Earth and There’s A Psycho At The Controls Of The “Lazy Lil”


The Bluff That Wrecked Hitler’s Black Forest Army

Male May 1966 thumbnail
Male May 1966 thumbnail
Male May 1966
Male May 1966

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American Flyboy Who Broke Out Of Camp “Two Miles Down”

Male October 1959


The $100 Million Snatch

Male August 1965

Also featuring Luxury Cruise Playgirl, The Infamous House Of Detention — Caged Women Of New York, and The Hoodlum Stranglehold On America’s Unions


Don’t Show Your Faces Unless Those 15 US Airmen Are Rescued!

Male April 1964

Also featuring The Sex Doctors (How They Seduce Innocent Young Women), The Passionate Pick-Up, Our Man In Red China and The One Man Who Scares Jimmy Hoffa


The Daring GI Raider Who Saved Our New Guinea Stronghold

Male May 1963

Also, The Naked Wanton, The Restless After-Dark Women of Los Angeles, Are We Getting Whipped In Vietnam?, and Blow That Damned Scharnhorst Out Of The Water!


Two Zany Yanks Who Stole Hitler’s Mystery Jet From The Luftwaffe

Male September 1962 thumbnail
Male Magazine September 1962 thumbnail
Male September 1962
Male Magazine September 1962

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The Women Who Decoyed A Shipful Of Sailors

34062815-lf thumbnail
For Men Only October 1958 thumbnail
For Men Only October 1958

Also, Strange Cult Of The Passionate Pastor

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Yank Skipper Who Led Sumatra’s Riverboat Oil Pirates

34071231-Yank_Skipper_Who_Led_Sumatra's_Riverboat_Oil_Pirates,_For_Men_Only_cover,_September_1965 thumbnail
For Men Only September 1965 thumbnail
For Men Only September 1965

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The Notorious Woman At Beach Camp 40

Blondes are for Loving, Stag Magazine interior story illustration thumbnail
9727569456_d22fd8837d_o thumbnail
Blondes are for Loving, Stag Magazine interior story illustration

Also featuring Blondes Are For Loving illustrated by Earl Norem, Intimate Life Of New York’s Single Girls, “Tiger-In-The-Sky” Yank Fighter Ace, and Pilot And Copilot Dead Drunk

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Lucky Laycock’s Raid That Won Salerno / Moscow’s “Dravkar” Hell Train

Male cover, March, 1963 thumbnail
Male  March 1963 thumbnail
True Action December 1965 thumbnail
Male cover, March, 1963
Male  March 1963
True Action December 1965

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The Terrible Mission Of Sergeant Erwin

For Men Only October 1956

Also featuring Untamed Women Of The Amazon and The Redhead Who Seduced The Legion, neither of which they chose to illustrate on the cover.


Belly Dancer Raid To Spring Russia’s Top Rocket Man

33283375-lf thumbnail
For Men Only May 1964 thumbnail
For Men Only May 1964

This issue also features the stories Case Of The Teasing Redhead, Amazing Undersea Dogfight Of U.S. Killer-Sub Harder, and Cruise Ship Of Man-Hungry Girls (New Vacation Binge)

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