Rogue’s Holiday

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When pirates lusted for women and gold…

… instead of free movies.

From the back:

Blackbeard’s thirteenth wife…

Her name was Raquel. The fire of her Latin beauty burned in her eyes. She was taunting, irresistible… Robert Maynard felt her dark eyes upon him, beckoning. Yet he knew that to succumb to her charms was death… For Maynard was Blackbeard’s prisoner, and he had seen the pirate’s own glittering eyes — the eyes of a ruthless killer who would give no mercy and ask no name… And then Raquel was beside Maynard in the dark hold of the ship, her voluptuous body against his own. “I shall not give you up,” she said, “never…”

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The Husband Who Couldn’t Kick His Wife’s Lover Out Of The Attic!

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Also featuring Have You Ever Seen A Sexy Fat Girl? and How One Million Russians Deserted The Army!


Cruise Of The Plywood Coffin

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How Sam Brownley Smashed Florida’s Dope-and-Flesh Smuggling Fleet

Also featuring: The A.W.O.L Who Was King Of Harem Island; Find The White Queen Of The Jap Guerrillas; and Canada’s Night To Remember: Ordeal Of The SS Noronic


The Adventurer


He was many things — rogue, doctor, love, wit — but always The Adventurer


Carolina Corsair


A novel about the thief, cutthroat and murderer known as Blackbeard The Pirate


The Nurse and The Pirate


Dare She Defy The Pirate’s Command To Marry A Stranger?

From the back:

After five months as a cruise nurse on the luxury liner Santa Theresa, Kathy was glad that the trip was almost over and that she would soon be back to the demanding atmosphere of a big city hospital.

Suddenly, during a starless tropical night, a desperate band of men seized the liner by force and terrorized the passengers and crew. 

All at once Kathy not only had more nursing to do than any one nurse could handle, but she had become the special object of attention of the leader of the pirates!


The Fortunes of Captain Blood


Blazing Passion Under The Black Flag

No Spaniard was safe from his blade, no woman was safe when he was near


I Found A Pirate Queen

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Adventure June 1966 thumbnail
Adventure June 1966

Apparently, a Pirate Queen dresses like a Turkish Harem Slave Girl. Be sure to not get them confused.


Frenchman’s Creek


“Leave your husband and come with me,” said the French pirate.


Lusty Wind for Carolina


A Brawling Novel of Piracy, Intrigue, Passion and Vengeance In Raw Colonial America