The Last Princess

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Sister Of An Emperor — Mistress Of An Outcast

From the back:

This is the saga of Atahualpa, the last Inca, whose madness and lust was his doom… Of Princess Tacara-mi, who, by the law of the land, could experiment with all men before marriage, but found the one man she wanted in Taclos, the Emperor’s minister… And Pizzaro, the Spaniard, whose gleaming cannons bought an exotic empire to its knees!

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Save Them For Violence

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Monarch Books 132 1959
Monarch #132 1959

Marya Was Betrayed By Her Passion For Living And Loving!

From the back:

Her name was Marya!
To Sandor, millionaire, Marya was a lovely goddess — coldly perfect and unattainable.
To John Grant, U.S. Embassy attache, Marya was hot, vibrant and altogether willing.
To Guiliano, international cut-throat, Marya was ice, to be melted only by his crude love-making.
To Captain Rodriguez, Marya was evil and the suspected plotter of a vicious murder.
But Marya knew herself best: She was hot or cold, good or evil — whatever the situation demanded. She had learned from experience that she could even kill to live!

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The Guy From Coney Island

Avon 580 Paperback Original (1954).

An Intimate Novel Of The Carnival World

From the back cover:

Behind the glittering carousels, the screaming laughter of the fun house, the plaster kewpie dolls, the dancing girls in scanty costumes, is the throbbing, colorful world of the people who make the carnival.
This is their story, a story of twisted emotion, false pride, love and hate. It moves at a furious pace, from the boardwalk side-shows of Coney Island to the cow-pasture circuit, revealing the real, behind-the-scenes picture of the carnival world and its people.


The Love Clinic

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53119657079 Novel Library 28, 1949

A Beautiful Captive In A Voluptuary’s Castle Of Strange Desires

From the back:

The Forbidden Acts Of Love
For what forbidden purpose did the amazing Dr. Hugo Schomberg lure the most beautiful women in the world to his fantastic love-clinic in the dark Bohemian forests? And what happened when a handsome young Parisian traced a missing Viennese beauty to this Palace of Eros?
A Lost Girl In A Harem Hideaway
Debonair Philippe Jacquemode left the warm arms of an American sweetheart to solve the riddle of Lila de Radetzky’s disappearance from a disreputable Vienna cabaret. Haunted by the vision of this innocent young girl dancing in the embrace of a strange, hard-faced man, Philippe never rested until he had found them together in the love-clinic!
Love-Slave Or Willing Woman?
In The Love Clinic, Maurice Dekobra, author of BEDROOM EYES, has brilliantly portrayed a man whom women called Master . . and a girl for whose body and soul a passionate war-of-love was fought behind forbidden walls and on the burning sands of North Africa!

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