The Professor and the Co-Ed


An affair that started the whole campus talking


Prize Pupil

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She was the innocent victim of an unscrupulous man

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Horizontal Secretary / Private Lessons

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She did her best work after five

From the back:

Ellie had a motto, “No ring—no sex.” Then one night as she stood naked before her mirror, she said to herself, “How many more years will I keep this beauty? Why save myself until no one wants me?” She started with the men at the office and soon found that sex talent could open many doors for advancement where other talents failed. As Ellie worked her way to the top her interest in wedding rings withered as her taste for sex ripened. Ellie lived by a new motto, “I’ll be good tomorrow.”

Rader would change his Horizontal Secretary to a school teacher for Private Lessons.

Joey was just a student, but he wasn’t too young for the Private Lessons his gorgeous teacher gave after school was out!

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Teacher’s Pet

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Midwood #F333 1963
Man's July 1969

Judy stayed after class for special tutoring… and earned her diploma the easy way!

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The Country School — A Teacher’s Delight


The young boys thrilled her sexually much more than the mature men did. To be a teacher in a country school was far more delightful than she could’ve ever imagined


Bobby Blanchard, Lesbian Gym Teacher

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Bobby Blanchard, Lesbian Gym Teacher
Bobby Blanchard, Lesbian Gym Teacher cover

She schooled them in field hockey… and desire!


It’s a Free Country


Two Lovers Headed For Disaster

One stolen moment of passion leads to a lifetime of despair


Tutor from Lesbos

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beacon #B-5731X 1964

Instruction — Female
Tutor from Lesbos desires lovely young pupil. No charge.

From the back:

How Much Does It Take To Warp A Girl?

Discover the answer with — Ginny: a reckless teenager whose desire for “love” makes her vulnerable to perverse advances.

Consider the emotions of Diane, experienced and beautiful, who does not want to prey on the child yet cannot resist her.

Feel the despair of Hamilton as he watches his lovely daughter accepting the embraces of another woman.

Witness the desperation of Sonja the dancing teacher whose fate it is to covet both a woman and a man…


The Sin Tutor


The young girls in his class obeyed Adam’s every whim in order to please him. He didn’t realize the trouble they could cause him — until too late!


The Passionate Professor

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Beacon Signal B660F

Students and faculty are not supposed to mix. But when they do, must the consequences always be disastrous?

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The Disguises Of Love


He was Middle-aged and Married — but He Fell in Love with his Pretty Student!


Night School

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In this class, the students taught the professor…

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Confessions Of A Wild Co-ed (Original Title: Girl-Crazy Professor)



Teach Me To Love!


“I didn’t come here to study anthropology,” the girl whispered huskily to the young college professor.

A pipe in his mouth — a book under his arm — hate in his heart for being overworked, underpaid and under-loved… He was a menace to every girl on campus!

A novel that lashes out boldly on the subject of the faculty Romeo