They Were Fearsome Animal Women And They Lusted For My Life!


Also, What Is Your Real Sexual Age? and Macao — Gateway To Hell


Lucky Pierre And His Bevy Of Look-Alike Blondes

Real Men September 1959 cover thumbnail
Real Men Magazine September 1959 thumbnail
Real Men September 1959 thumbnail
Real Men September 1959 cover
Real Men Magazine September 1959
Real Men September 1959

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The War In Space

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38631850-realwar005 thumbnail

We Died Like Flies… On The Beach-Heads Of Space!

I love the Tommy-Gun… IN SPACE!


The Soulless One

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The Robot Monster Controls Outer Space!

This artwork was later reused on Norman Spinrad’s The Men in the Jungle


Take Our Maidens, Yankee, Or Prepare To Die!


They forced him into paradise… at the point of a gun

Also featuring Hunting The Wild Turkey and The Jungle Duel Of Henry Klaw!


Ricorta Is Back… With An Army Of 500,000 Robots!

Brain Boy #5 DEll 1963 thumbnail
30927372-6065995203_0ab54bf512_o[1] thumbnail
Brain Boy #5 DEll 1963

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So Lovely My Sweet, To Die Screaming!

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Man's Escape June 1963 thumbnail
Man's Escape June 1963 thumbnail
Man's Escape June 1963
Man's Escape June 1963

Also includes Handmaidens Of The Lash Of Lust, Men Under 35 — America’s Biggest Bust, I Led The “Pink Panties Platoon” Against Cuba’s Butchers, Hungry Money Mogules Are Killing Baseball, and You Are A Potential Sex Killer.

With our patented training program, you too could slay women with sex!

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Naked Girl-Bait For The Outlaws of Lubang Island

20893360-lf thumbnail
Man's Adventure January 1965 thumbnail
25971910-MAN'S_ADVENTURE_-_1965_01_January_-_cover_by_Vic_Prezio-8x6 thumbnail
Battle Cry Magazine April 1968 thumbnail
Battle Cry April 1968 thumbnail
Man's Adventure January 1965
Battle Cry Magazine April 1968
Battle Cry April 1968

Also featuring, Commie Castle of Torture, The Girl Who Has Sword To Kill Castro, and The Ever-Lovin’ Housewives of Pay for Passion Villa

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Burden’s Mission

25957866-Pulp,_Pulp-like,_Digests,_and_Paperback_Art,_VIC_PREZIO_(American,_20th_Century)._Burden's_Mission,_paperback_cover,_1968._Gouache_on_board._23_x_16_in.._Signed_lowe.. thumbnail
Burden's Mission. Avon, 1968 thumbnail
Burden's Mission. Avon, 1968

While G. I. guns blasted enemy divisions, Captain Burden made a secret jungle hunt for a traitor with his face!

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She-Wolf of Halmahera: White Queen of the Jungle Savages

Spur cover, September 1959 thumbnail
Spur Magazine September 1959 thumbnail
Spur September 1959 thumbnail
4886513762_0244038bf8_o thumbnail
21320311-SHE-WOLF_OF_HALMAHERA_2-page-8x6 thumbnail
21320312-SHE-WOLF_OF_HALMAHERA_illo-8x6 thumbnail
21320309-I_Ran_a_Woman's_Prison thumbnail
21320317-Spanish_Prisoner_&_Crooked_Doll thumbnail
Spur cover, September 1959
Spur Magazine September 1959
Spur September 1959

Also featuring Around The World With Nothing On: A Secret Report on the True State of Sun Worship, I Ran A Woman’s Prison, The Spanish Prisoner and the Crooked Doll, and Gangi: Hell Smoke of the Caribbean

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How Women React to Sex

19576577-Battle Cry, June 1963, artwork by Vic Prezio thumbnail
19576568-Battle Cry, June 1963, cover by Vic Prezio thumbnail
19576577-Battle Cry, June 1963, artwork by Vic Prezio
19576568-Battle Cry, June 1963, cover by Vic Prezio

The latest studies show that women do not react well to being chained up and having giant snakes thrust in their faces. More research is needed.

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The Fighting Nympho of Normandy

All Man Magazine July 1965 thumbnail
18540944-allman65-07 thumbnail
All Man Magazine July 1965

How Any Man Can Collect A Harem

Step 1) Be extremely rich


The Price You Pay For Going Naked

All Man Magazine July 1964 thumbnail
All Man July 1964 thumbnail
All Man Magazine July 1964
All Man July 1964

Also, What Women Want Out of Sex and Jungle Duel of Death

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