Miss Floating Love

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For Men Only November 1965

For Men Only illustration, November 1965 

Also featuring The Passionate Belly Dancer, My Beat: The World’s Most Wide-Open Sin Capital, “Mad Marty’s” Legion-of-The-Damned Rangers, Night School Nude, and Yank Airman Who Helped Save The Saipan Invasion

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Bantam 404 (March, 1948). Cover by Geoffrey Biggs

Six Survived To Tell What Happened

I find it interesting that, even though this is a serious look at the consequences of atomic warfare, it is basically impossible to tell from the cover art that it takes place in Japan.

Hiroshima tells the stories of six survivors of the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima, covering a period of time immediately prior to and one year after the atomic bomb was dropped on August 6, 1945. It was originally published in The New Yorker. Although the story was originally scheduled to be published over four issues, the entire August 31, 1946 edition was dedicated to the article. The article and subsequent book are regarded as one of the earliest examples of the New Journalism, in which the story-telling techniques of fiction are adapted to non-fiction reporting. 


Kill Me In Shimbashi (1961)


Karate and Burns Bannion again — kicking up a lethal storm in Tokyo’s sin streets


The 15 Maidens In Col. Mito’s Spy House

True Action September 1959

Also, “Free Love” Schulmeister’s Fraulein Club


The Double-Crossing Love Dolls Of Tokyo

Real Men October 1963



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21094681-Prisoner, Stag cover, June 1960
Stag June 1960

In a female island garrison, a crashed American pilot survived an amazing captivity

Also includes Bloodiest Naval Battle In History and Magda: Everybody’s Spy, Everybody’s Mistress



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Popular G501, 1951 thumbnail
Popular G501, 1951

From the back:

Her name was O-Kita…
At four she was kidnapped and sold into a teahouse. Her only
schooling was in the arts of sensual pleasure-giving. And then
one day, as if in a dream, the American surgeon came into
her life…

This is their strange and moving story… the story of a love
affair consummated amid idyllic splendor, and shattered by a
barbaric treachery that was always between them.

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Peter Quals, Leader Of Samurai

Soldiers of Fortune Soldiers of Fortune

A historical fiction-oriented pulp that was a precursor to the Golden Fleece, this short-lived title only lasted for four issues. This was issue #3


Assignment: Tokyo


48 Hours To Live… That’s what the world had left. There was only one man who could change the timetable — Sam Durell


The Transistor Girls

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A revealing novel of Japan’s part-time prostitutes who work by day and love by night

Cover art swiped in 1964 for Ne-San

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