Big City Nurse (1963)


Love and hatred confront a young nurse on her first private duty case. One would win out…


Leota Foreman, R.N.


When a lovely New York nurse takes a job in a small town… she finds other entanglements besides romantic ones!


Dr. Kildare’s Trial

Dr. Kildare's Trial

A daring operation saves the life of a beautiful girl, but puts Dr. Kildare before a relentless court of justice


Dr. Kildare’s Crisis

Dr. Kildare's Crisis

Jim Kildare faces his greatest challenge — as a doctor and as a man


Dr. Kildare Takes Charge

Dr. Kildare Takes Charge

Kildare’s choice — his career and a beautiful nurse, or the salvation of two young lovers


Dr. Kildare’s Search

Dr. Kildare's Search

To save a man’s life, and his own career, Jim Kildare had to find a lovely girl he had never seen


Calling Dr. Kildare

Calling Dr. Kildare

On his first case, young Dr. Kildare defies his chief-of-staff, and faces danger and scandal for a lovely girl


Cape Canaveral Nurse


Could she love a man who lived with danger?


Courtship Of Nurse Genie Hayes (Original Title: Island Nurse)


One man needed her skilled hands, the other her understanding love. How was she to decide?


Naked Nurse


She admired his skill in surgery; and his lust in bed

From the back cover:

Seductive Female Vitality… In every movement of this beautiful white-capped student nurse

Dr. Bill Forsythe — Young handsome society doctor, who preys on rich neurotic women to further his career!

Lynn — Whose strange practices traps Sally in a bed of warped immorality!

Dr. Harry Martin — Brilliant resident surgeon, who always took time-out, for a little love play.

I get the impression that whoever wrote this copy did not speak English as his first language.


Visiting Nurse

Original Novels No. 727, 1953

The Intimate Story of an Angel of the Slums

He is looking to cheat on his wheelchair-bound wife with her home nurse. Classy.