Party Going

Beacon B756X, 1964

If You’ve Ever Wondered How Today’s College Students Regard Sin, Sex And Sacred Cows, Wonder No More


Catspaw Ordeal

1958 Gold Medal 766

Somebody had gotten to her first and killed her, somebody who called himself her friend. It was as simple as that.


The Cheating Game

1961 Beacon B-404

All of her friends were unfaithful… so why shouldn’t she play?
In Today’s Easy-Living, Easy-Loving Playground Called Suburbia — Can A Woman Escape All The Sensuous Desires Swirling Around Her?
A Bold Look At Immorality Beyond The City Limits


Older Woman

1965 Beacon B867X thumbnail
Beacon 552F 1962 thumbnail
1965 Beacon B867X
Beacon 552F 1962

Where Could This Woman-Boy Love Affair Lead?
That Nice Young Boy… He May Be Your Neighbor’s Son Or The Kid Down The Street… But Someday, Someplace, Some Woman Will Make Him A Man!
A Novel Starkly Revealing What Happens When An Older Woman Teaches A Young Man About Love…

From the back:

Andy McNeill Entered College Eager To Conquer Not Only Ignorance But Innocence!
Diana Edgeworth, freshman co-ed, became the target of his most feverish dreams. Seductive, taunting, teasing, she delighted in the flames of passion she aroused in Andy but, for reasons of her own, would not satisfy.
It was like pouring salt on an open wound when his roommate edged in and seemed on the verge of conquest. Bordering on despair, Andy was fair game for Nancy Foster, the professor’s wife whose sultry voice and symmetric figure had once made her husband’s pulses leap and his body ache with desire… but time had cooled his ardor and reduced his lovemaking to pallid acquiescence, leaving her at dangerously loose ends.
Sensing Andy’s desperate needs, driven by her own frustrations, Nancy plunged them both into a torrid affair. Under her skillful tutoring, 18-year-old Andy suddenly burst into violent realization of all his male prowess…
But, reacting with the fury of a female scorned, Diana tempted fate once too often and, playing with fire with the boys in town, she found out — too late — that they played for keeps!

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Lust Is A Woman

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Beacon Books #B-175, 1958 thumbnail
Beacon #B175
Beacon Books #B-175, 1958

… and so is Passion, Satan, Hell, and Sex. Although, Sex is also A Woman Named Nina

She Was A Pawn In An Evil Game
The Story Of Maria Who Wanted — Desperately — To Become A Movie Star

From the back:

She was a perfectly nice girl, this Maria Dugan — though possibly a little too attractive for her own good. Craving a vocation that would really furnish thrills and excitement, she decided to treat herself to a couple of weeks in fabled Miami. There she soon learned that the only way to interest a man was to treat him better than the other pretty vacationers did. Maria’s shocked girl-friend, Peggy, went back to New York. But Mario decided to play it alone….

So she found herself on a yacht, passing delightful hours with sleek, experienced Donald McKay. Then Donald induced her to go to that mysterious mansion in the Everglades, the one that jaded old men and rich young ne’er-do-wells loved to visit in secret! 
Too late Maria realized that her search for thrills had led her into slavery. She was about to become a plaything, a helpless object of lust….


Sleepy Time Honey (Original Title: Too Smart For Love)

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Rainbow Books #110, 1951 thumbnail
Rainbow Books #110, 1951

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The Golden Amazon’s Triumph


This book is a sequel to The Golden Amazon, but is not related to Children Of The Golden Amazon or The Golden Amazons Of Venus


Paprika — The Gypsy Trollop!

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She Consorted With Peasants — And Married A Prince

“Hungarian gypsies, gay, irresponsible, thieving, dancing, sensuous, and sadistic, move from camp to camp under the brutal leadership of Gabor Zoltan. But hanging over this giant’s head is an ancient threat. And against him is the real queen of the tribe and her half-white daughter, the passionate Paprika. …One tragedy follows swift on the heels of another. Every moment is dramatic, and the temperature and tempo are such that the readers will require ice packs and other consoling and cooling agents before the grand climax sweeps them through unsanguined fields to the ultimate.” — Los Angeles Times review, March 17, 1935