Lemons Never Lie


Grofield never wanted to get involved with Myers’ crazy plan to heist a brewery payroll—but now he’s involved, whether he likes it or not…

When he’s not carrying out heists with his friend Parker, Alan Grofield runs a small theater in Indiana. But putting on shows costs money and jobs have been thin lately—which is why Grofield agreed to fly to Las Vegas to hear Andrew Myers’ plan to knock over a brewery in upstate New York. Unfortunately, Myers’ plan is insane—so Grofield walks out on him. But Myers isn’t a man you walk out on, and his retribution culminates in an act of unforgivable brutality. That’s when Grofield decides to show him what a disciple of Parker is capable of…

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Hardman (1967)


His law was whip, fist and pistol butt. Thugs like him died in gas chambers or rotted in jail cells. His name was — Hardman

Presumably, this novel is unrelated to the Hardman series


Buckskin Man


One man against the ruthless power of the Santa Fe trade empire

So, it’s like The Phantom Menace in the Old West.


Man Drowning


Blind Desire Drove Him To Violence And Murder

Covers like this are why I only post large, clear scans. There is so much going on here that you would miss in a thumbnail.


Thunder on the Buckhorn


Hard Men… Bare Knuckles… Blazing Guns!

Sounds like a gay porno to me, but whatever floats your boat.


Strangers In The Dark (Original Title: Pushover)

Carnival Books #953 1957

They Were Both Tough And Wise… And Mighty Bad For Each Other!

From the back:

They were a pair, those two! —a gorgeous blonde, who was no better than she had to be, and a guy who liked her just the way she was…


Case of the Brunette Bombshell (Original Title: Rich Man… Dead Man)


Sometimes even a tough cop can’t keep his badge clean—when he falls for a dame like Stella


Kidnapped Blondes On Love Slave Highway

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Looks like the color didn’t hold up so well on this painting.

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Las Vegas Madam

Domino Books 72-728, 1964 thumbnail
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Domino Books 72-728, 1964

She ruled an empire of vice – but her own twisted desires made her a tortured slave

From the back:

Sex and money were the double-barreled bait that made big Mark Hale take on a tracing job—and the trail led straight to a place where sex and money flowed like water!
His mission was to find a man—a rich playboy gone astray. But the path was littered with loose ladies—whose common motive seemed to be a burning desire to lure him into non-stop sessions of fiery love-making. And the hottest of them all was Linda, who ran a motel where the room service included all varieties of passion-for-pay—but who had a secret variety of her own that even Mark Hale hadn’t met before…
It all made the job ten times tougher—but the fringe benefits were all female, all feverish, and all fabulous!

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Kill Me In Yokohama

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Burns Bannion — blood brother to Shell Scott and Mike Hammer

From the back:

Burns Bannion is back – but things haven’t changed a bit. Private-eye by accident, he still keeps running into his two favorite pastimes – gorgeous girls and deadly killers…

The girls were all Bannion dreamed they would be, but the killers were bloodier than Bannion could have imagined. So he had to use an equally bloody weapon against them: KARATE: the ancient and terrible defensive art of the Japanese – in which the human hand can be as deadly as the sharpest axe – a bloody sport which makes Judo look like a kid’s game…

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Top of the Heap


She Played The Odds — And Lost!

The client had a perfect alibi for the night Maureen Auburn disappeared — but nothing made private eye Donald Lam suspicious like a perfect alibi.

When the beautiful girlfriend of a notorious gangster vanishes, it’s up to P.I. Donald Lam to get to the bottom of her disappearance — and of a mining scam, an illegal casino operation, a double homicide, and an opportunity for an enterprising private eye to make a small fortune…if he can just stay alive long enough to cash in!

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Syndicate Girl

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She was as tough as the hoods she worked with — until she met a man who made her feel like a woman