The Wild Rampage of the Sex-Crazed Pirate Women


Fun Fact: When chicks go too long without getting laid, they go crazy and storm sea-going vessels looking for lovers

Also featuring The Day The Major Slaughtered Our Battalion at Bataan!, The Kissing Disease That Can Kill You!, We Smashed the Sadistic Snake Cult of the Congo, and The Lusty Tarts Who Spied For Revenge


The Sailor and the Monkey

Adventure - March 1st, 1935 thumbnail
Adventure - October 1st, 1931 thumbnail
Adventure August 15th, 1935 thumbnail
Adventure - March 1st, 1935
Adventure - October 1st, 1931
Adventure August 15th, 1935

“In 1935, Walter Baumhofer did these three covers for ADVENTURE magazine. We aren’t aware of any particular reason why these paintings were done, such as for a series running in the magazine. Baumhofer and the editor were just monkeying around and came up with the idea and ran with it through the year. They are just a delightful trio of paintings and a excellent example of why Baumhofer is considered one of the greatest pulp artists ever.”

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