Triple-Cross Mob

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20232124-Gil Cohen duotone for STAG, Nov. 1971

The Lure Was Money… But Pilot Tom Carew Had a Different Racket

I am trying to imagine the circumstances that would lead to a man and woman running nude from a small plane with suitcases full of cash, while being pursued by what may be the authorities. 

Gil Cohen duotone for STAG, Nov. 1971

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The Black Avenger

Dusty Ayres And His Battle Birds February 1935 thumbnail
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Dusty Ayres And His Battle Birds February 1935

Dusty swung the radio gun on a second Black ship. It burst into flame.

“To Captain Ayres: The greatest among us has died by your hand. We, the living, are pledged to avenge that loss. Within forty-eight hours you and your comrades will be wiped from the face of the earth. Nothing can save you!” This message, signed Ekar, was dropped on Dusty’s drome; at the same time another Yank air field nearby was wiped out by a new horror weapon – a flaming rain that destroyed everything it touched! How can America fight this new menace? How can she keep the Blacks from crossing her borders?’

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Strange Bargain

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19582065-[Strange Bargain.2-3

The suspenseful story of a woman’s terrible choice between the two men who claimed her!

From the back jacket:

TWO MEN AND ONE WOMAN — in a stark tale of love and hate:

THE HUSBAND, who faced death, yet thought only of a plan to destroy his rival.

THE WIFE, who could save her husband only by bargaining with a man who had but one desire–a woman.

THE LOVER, who knew love only as a wild, fierce hunger too long denied him.

On a barren, windswept mountain, these three are caught in a timeless drama that must end in shattering violence.

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The Pulp Paintings of George Gross

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Executioner cover

According to pulp writer Bill Cox, “George Gross could do exciting paintings even when there were no scantily clad damsels around, and what’s more amazing, Fiction House let him!” Of course, he could also do well with the scantily clad damsels.

These are paintings commissioned as cover art, but are not the covers themselves.

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