The French Doll

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A blonde stripper and an American Agent tangle with the motorcycle “Hell’s Angels” of Paris

Also featuring “Honeymoon” Girls for Rent, Crash Survival Techniques The Airlines Won’t Talk About, and Why One Million Employees Say: “It’s O.K. To Steal From The Boss!”

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Send Our Top Demo Team To Destroy The Guns Of Oran Pass

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Magazine interior illustration, circa July 1963

This issue also included the cover story Yank Who Blocked A German Assault In A Strange Missile Sled, The Notorious Playdoll, and Marine Breakout From Shanghai’s “Compound For Banished Women”


We Found The Paiute Gold

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Also, Pickup Girls of St. Joe

Edit: Added the original painting by Mort Kunstler. However, notice that he re-did the bottom-right corner, replacing the fallen native man with a blonde woman. This modified image was used as the cover of the April 1971 issue of Male magazine.


Expedition To The Lost City of Gold

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Action for Men illustration, November 1971

This issue also features ‘The Death Commandos‘, “I’m Going to Steal Your Car Tonight“, and ‘What Every Man Must Know About Women’s Breasts‘. Although, if you have to read about it in this magazine, it probably won’t do you any good.

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