The Pussycat Transplant

The Pussycat Transplant Ted Mark 1968 thumbnail
The Pussycat Transplant Ted Mark 1968 Back thumbnail
The Pussycat Transplant Ted Mark 1968
The Pussycat Transplant Ted Mark 1968 Back

Penny Candie Is Back — As The Son Of The Girl From PUSSYCAT!

From the back:

Luscious Penny Candie, the (unmarried) girl from
PUSSYCAT, finds herself in an embarrassing situation,
i.e. pregnant-again!
The plans to fix Penny up get kind of screwed up,
and before it’s over, her bright little brain is transplanted
into the body of a tall , handsome, girl-ridden
young man!

He, too, is called “Penny. ” He’s in trouble not only
with his monster mother, his nymphomaniac ex-wife,
and his boss’s sexy secretary, but the Law, too.
Well — there are some false starts and, uh, “peculiar”
difficulties in adjusting to the life of a virile
man, but the girl from PUSSYCAT hasn’t been a
conniving female all these years for nothing, and
it all helps — when you’re suddenly called upon to
be a conniving man.


Legion of Madness

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Dunes, Dames And Desert Brawls Of An Ex-GI Who Became A Legend

Also includes Trapped In A Bankok Love House and The Brooklyn Junkman And His 19 Island Brides

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The Unmarried Ones

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They were single girls — with a single urge!
An off-limits tour of female America from high society to Lesbos Alley

Cover reused from A Woman’s Woman


Here’s Your O.R.G.Y.

Here's Your O.R.G.Y., paperback book cover, 1969 thumbnail
Here's Your O.R.G.Y. 1969 thumbnail
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Here's Your O.R.G.Y., paperback book cover, 1969
Here's Your O.R.G.Y. 1969
Berkley Medallion S1736 1969

From the back:

(Or it will be, if Steve Victor can come up to the mark. Or the Mark can come up to the Victor !)
Steve is off on a wild, swing-a-ling search for some prime O.R.G.Y. material, to wit:
( 1) One natural (Has to be proved!) blonde (and busty) hippie.
(2) One sex-starved married woman. She’s got to be gorgeous, French, and a titled aristocrat.
(3 ) One well-developed Pygmy princess—with a Ph.D. in psychology from Oxford University, yet!
(4 ) One redheaded Danish virgin—not pastry, virgin.
(5) One shapely sabra, willing to lay down her rifle for an O.R.G.Y.
If Steve can round up this fetching cargo for Sheikh Ali Khat, he can pay off a real debt. The elimination bouts are frenzied, it’s no-holds-barred with the competition, and Steve’s only hope lies in his ability to maintain a stiff upper . . . lip!

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Husband Chaser

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Beacon B469F, 1962 thumbnail
Beacon B469F, 1962

This Divorcée’s Bedroom Was Her Trophy Room…

Stephanie hunted a new husband whenever she pleased. Then she left Walter Sellers to make her play for handsome Jim Holloway…and…Too Late She Learned She Had Uncontrollable Urges!


The Thrill Makers: The Truth About Lurid Stories

The Thrill Makers, paperback cover, 1962 thumbnail
Beacon Books B500F 1962 thumbnail
Beacon Books B500F PB; 1962 Back thumbnail
The Thrill Makers, paperback cover, 1962
Beacon Books B500F 1962
Beacon Books B500F PB; 1962 Back

If you’ve ever really wondered about what takes place behind the scenes at those Sexy Magazine editorial offices… here is the naked truth about the lurid stories and nude photography in all its sordid details.

A Novel Which Dares To Expose The Dirty, Shoddy Practices of Cynical Editors and Photographers Who Will Go To Any Lengths To Satisfy Thrill-Seeking Readers

From the back:

Here at last is an unvarnished, dynamite-laden account of the girlie-book publishers and what makes them tick.

So, this is a lurid exploitation book about lurid exploitation magazines. I wonder if anyone was aware of the irony? The entire book can be downloaded here

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The Man From Avon

The Man From Avon, paperback cover, 1967 thumbnail
Avon #G1307, 1962 thumbnail
48008264652-avon-books-g1307-michael-avallone-the-man-from-avon-back thumbnail
The Man From Avon, paperback cover, 1967
Avon #G1307, 1962

He’s A Paperback Salesman On The Road Of Scorching Adventure. He’s Larry McKnight And Even UFO’s Can’t Stop Him!

Brought to you by Avon Publishing.

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The Wives Of Friends

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She Declared An Open Season On Husbands

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The Dreamers

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Prisoners — they passed their days in pleasure, their nights in revenge

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All Girls Are Mine On Pitjendajara Island

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bama3 001

Also featuring A Man, A Ballerina, A 2,000 Mile Getaway: We Shall Walk Out Of Siberia (illustrated by James Bama), and The G.I. Secret In The French Girl’s Bedroom

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