We Found The Treasure Of The Killer Of Algiers!


Also featuring We Tried Mate-Exchange!, Destroy Rommel’s Fuel Drums — And Then Get Out If You Can!, The Artist Who Needed Discipline For Inspiration!, and Last Run Of The Leipzig Local!


I’m Next On The Mafia List

Real Men July 1959

Also, Lolita — her body was the prize for the man who won The Battle Of The Mechanical Monsters


The Country Where The “Cat” Was King

19785376-Real_Men_-_1959_03_March_-_cover_by_Vic_Prezio_-8x6[1] thumbnail
Real Men March 1959 thumbnail
REAL MEN magazine March 1959 thumbnail
Real Men March 1959
REAL MEN magazine March 1959

Also in this issue, Sara O’Malley’s Gun-Governed Nude Ranch and Sex Stimulants… Do They Really Work?


I Escaped From The Red Hell Of Bucharest!

Real Men, April 1963


He Bet His Babe In A Poker Game — And Lost!

Real Men, February 1971

Also featuring An average young wife says: “I Went To Bed With A Lez — Just To Find Out What It Was Like!”, Give A Dame A Gun And She’s A Killer, and The Curse Of The Jungle Treasure — It Was Real — But So Was The Gold!


How To Make Out At A Sin Party!

Real Men March 1969

If you need make-out instructions, you probably shouldn’t be at a Sin Party in the first place.

Also featuring Nudist Camps Where Sex Is The No. 1 Entertainment, Rommel: The Nazi’s Crown Prince Of Africa!, The Ever-Lovin’ Nude Who Watched Her Boyfriends Die! and The Czech Border Is Closed We’ve Got To Run For Our Lives!


We Found The Slave Trader’s Treasure Of Madagascar!

REAL MEN November 1965 9-8 thumbnail
Real Men, November 1965 thumbnail
REAL MEN November 1965 9-8
Real Men, November 1965

$44,000,000 In Rubies And Sapphires


She Doesn’t Want You

5768034347_8e735c661b_o thumbnail
Real Men June 1958 thumbnail
Real Men June 1958

The strange story of America’s women of the night…

An early essay on Rape Culture?

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Lucky Pierre And His Bevy Of Look-Alike Blondes

Real Men September 1959 cover thumbnail
Real Men September 1959 thumbnail
Real Men September 1959 cover
Real Men September 1959


Take Our Maidens, Yankee, Or Prepare To Die!


They forced him into paradise… at the point of a gun

Also featuring Hunting The Wild Turkey and The Jungle Duel Of Henry Klaw!


Blood For The Love Slaves

28696080-Original_painting_by_Syd_Shores_-_ALL_MAN_1-65_wm-8x6 thumbnail
All Man January 1965 thumbnail
28696083-TRUE_MEN'S_STORIES_-_1973_10_oct_-_cover_by_Syd_Shores_(wm)-8x6 thumbnail
28696082-REAL_MEN_-_1967_08_August_-_cover_by_Syd_Shores_(wm)-8x6 thumbnail
All Man January 1965

This painting was used on at least 3 different magazines, featuring such riveting stories as; Exposing: How The Mobs Turn Strippers Into Vice Girls!, The Emerald Treasure Of The Andes: A fortune for the man strong enough to take it, Sex Dolls Who Pay Their Men, The Epic Of The USS Tang, Swapping Today Is Everybody’s Game, More Gold Than I Could Carry… $26,000,000 Treasure Of The Double-Crossing Blonde, The Plot To Blow Up The “Prostitute Express”, Sex For Sale: By The Day! The Week! or The Month!, Sam Bass — The Most Inefficient Outlaw In The WIld, Wild West, Wife-Swapping — A Reporter’s Eyewitness Report!, 14 Easy Ways Your “Best Friend” Can Cheat You At Gambling!, Sex Thoughts Of Women: How You Can Read Them!, One Hour To Stop The Nazi Rape Of St. Romaine!, and last but in no way least Trapped On An Island With 40 Nympho Brides!


Inside Nazi Torture Chambers


Also featuring I Escaped from the Tunnel of 1000 Corpses, Tokyo’s Sin Spots: Nippon’s Nifty Nudes!, and His Reward Was A Harem: Rusty Moore and his 49 Bundles of Love!


The Lawsuits That Threaten Your Life

Real Men October 1960 thumbnail
Real Men - October 1960 thumbnail
Real Men October 1960
Real Men - October 1960

Also Swimming Pools of Passion and The Sex-Mad Monsters of Dortmund