Teach Me To Love!


“I didn’t come here to study anthropology,” the girl whispered huskily to the young college professor.

A pipe in his mouth — a book under his arm — hate in his heart for being overworked, underpaid and under-loved… He was a menace to every girl on campus!

A novel that lashes out boldly on the subject of the faculty Romeo


Campus Nymphs

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The wild co-eds started a new variation of “The World’s Oldest Profession”

A sensational novel about the plush eastern college that became a school for sex

From the back:

“Virgins Need Not Apply”
That was the first lesson that sultry, over-sexed Lila McKee learned from Professor Reese Butler, when he used her to spice his marital love-life. She passed the lesson along to several of her classmates, including boy-shy Susan Wright and football hero Big John Kalowsky.
These fraternity frolics explode into the full-fledged scandal of Polly Nichols, the teen-aged “semi-pro.” Suddenly, faculty, students and wives are shocked into seeing the ivy-league orgy that has captured everyone.
Extra money for students…neglect for professors…fast cars and pleasure-mad youngsters. Is today’s trend turning our colleges into high-class brothels? No newspaper exposé or television documentary could dare bring you the sizzling story of… CAMPUS NYMPHS

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