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Gold Metal 558 1956

The Strangest Adventure You Will Ever Read

From the back:

I’m thirty-four. I’m a college professor. I was fired because a girl was found in my room. Honest, she was only taking a shower. She had a million dollars and she waved them under my nose — all this and the lady, too. But I wouldn’t be bought, so I got out pronto.
I found a job as bodyguard to a rich old refugee who was in deadly fear of being murdered. His young wife was a gal who would never let a man’s blood cool. Then his adopted daughter decided I was her meat, too. What a spot for one guy to be in. Envy me? Don’t. When the old man did get bumped off, who was the fall guy they tried to pin it on? Me, of course. What could I do? What would you have done? Let me know, won’t you?

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Campus Lovers

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Monarch Books 334 - Edwin West - Campus Lovers
MONARCH #334 1963
MONARCH #334 1963 Back

A Power-Packed Story Of College Life — The Part Parents Never Hear About

From the back:

In a way, it was hot-eyed Kim Boland who was responsible for the major scandal at Monequois College, for it was she who included Paul Wallace in her long list of men to whom she granted certain intimate favors.
On the other hand, it was cool, wholesome June Abbey who made a fetish out of denying such favors to all men, including Paul, thereby forcing them to seek satisfaction with Kim.
Of course, Brett Carbo couldn’t be called blameless either, since it was he who sought solace in the arms of sex-starved Mrs. Kembledon, wife of the college provost.
And yet, Al Gorman, the college wheeler-dealer, was the one who used them all, blackmailing them into submission and watching them squirm their way to destruction, strictly for his fun and profit.

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Nude Running

Monarch 331- 1963

She Was A Power-Hungry Woman Who Used Love As A Weapon

From the back:

drove Steve Temple back to Reesville to fight Mona Alcott, the “lady” D.A., who sent his father to prison eight years before.
was the keynote of Mona’s powerful political machine, and she used very unladylike means to enforce her rule. Steve was determined to stop her in any way he could —in spite of the fact he was falling for Mona’s naive young daughter, Laurie. Joining forces with reform candidate Luther Kelso, Steve started a campaign aimed at Mona’s greatest sources of revenue—girls, gambling and gin. But Steve didn’t count on Mona’s insatiable thirst for money and power.
With her political ambition threatened, Mona proved she wasn’t a lady but a tiger—ready to offer her own daughter as a sacrificial lamb to protect her empire of sin.