Off Limits! (1953)


A Suspense-Packed Novel Of The Guys, The Dames, The Joints, The Creeps Who Surround Our Army Camps And Prey On Our Soldiers.


The Love Trap (Lancer)

Lancer Domino 72-695 1963

One Apartment… Four Girls… and Dozens of Men!
They used every lure in the book for bait

“Love Trap” was a very popular title throughout the years


Nurse Carolyn

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MATERNITY WARD by Joseph Como, All Star Book #AS 135, 1967 thumbnail
MATERNITY WARD by Joseph Como, All Star Book #AS 135, 1967

She Was Not Only Good For Her Patients… She Was Good To Them

An Intimate Peek Into The Extra-Curricular Duties Of a Very Private Nurse!

Cover art was reused for Maternity Ward by Joseph Como, All Star Book #AS 135, 1967

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The Lady Said Yes (Original Title: Mark It With A Stone)


His Wife’s Pretty Sister Was A Romantic Temptation He Tried To Resist


Tease The Wild Flame

Rainbow Book 1952 thumbnail
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Rainbow Book 1952

A Whirlpool Of Hate, Love, Desire… And Death!

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The Body Beautiful (1966)

Midwood 32-589 1966

One by one they came to worship at the altar of her golden body… and one by one they were destroyed by it!


To Sex, With Love

Midwood 34-980 1968

In her desperate quest to be a woman, Susan tried lover after lover….


Party Girl (1960)

Nightstand Book NB 1509 1960

Love was a business for Laura!
She Embraced More Men In A Night Than Most Women Know In A Lifetime!


Fever Hot!


Nothing Burns Hotter Than A Jealous Woman’s Heart!

From the back:

Pete had never met a woman like Ann. A woman in whom there was so much suppressed passion, so much animal. A woman who promised so much. A woman whose voice dared him to touch and whose eyes warned that she played for keeps. Their love grew FEVER HOT under the mountain sun and cooled to a bright red smolder in the city’s streets!


Hotel Doctor


Night after night “the girls” tried to corrupt his medical reputation… and his personal morals


Wolf-Trap Blonde (Original Title: Marriage Agency)


An Excitement-Packed Novel Of A Girl No Man Could Resist!