Sex Kitten


Old enough and big enough she took a sip of sin — then took a bath in it.

From the back:

A Handful With Her Hands Full

When a voluptuous teen-age girl from Brooklyn spends a week end on the loose in Manhattan she can learn a lot. Maxine did. She started with a truck drive on Friday and ended with a detective on Sunday. In between, she gave her regards to Broadway and Broadway gave it right back to her in a way she would never forget.

She Was A Sex Kitten On Her First Prowl, And All The Cats Were Ready


The Sex Kitten And The Scientist

BEACON B690X 1963

She knew the fastest way to get ahead in suburban society
Rita was welcome in every boardroom and bedroom of the home office


The Sex Kitten Grows Up

Beacon Softcover Library B872X 1965

When You Play With A Young She-Tiger, First Clip Her Claws!
The Bold Novel Of Two Proud Men And A Girl Who Was Catnip To Them Both


Campus Kittens

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Midwood 32-417 1964 thumbnail
Midwood 32-417 1964

A blushing expose of the strange activities taking place behind the locked doors of our once-respectable collegiate sorority houses.

From the back:

Three Of A Kind

Nadine: her parents’ divorce set her off on a spiteful sexual spree that ended with her being caught in a motel with a married man at the worst possible moment.

Andrea: receiving her elementary education at the hands of her roommate, she decided to take an advanced course under the personal tutoring of her female professor.

Myra: she was willing to do anything necessary to trap her rich young boyfriend into marriage, even allowing him to share her with his college chums.

Each came to college for knowledge… and the first thing they learned was that there were certain advantages in sharing a room with two other restless and reckless young girls.

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The Hellcat

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Al Wheeler tangles with a fiery red-head who has a flaming temper — a sex kitten who can claw as she caresses, kisses.. as she kills

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Bar Broad

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Her husband owned a booze joint, but she was a lush for lust!

From the back:

She was greedy, spoiled, depraved…
his favorite kind of tramp.

“I always wanted to blackmail somebody so I could have him
completely in my power,” Lois said, with an impish grin.
I had to laugh at her deviltry. “You call that blackmail? It’s
nothing more than a threat. And one I am delighted to
yield to.”

“No, it’s blackmail. l know a scandal regarding you. I know
that you and Rowena Thorpe were in a motel room together
for hours. I could tell Caleb Thorpe and he would kill you.
Perhaps he would kill Rowena, too. That puts you right in
the palm of my hot little hand! Now, you’ll have to do as I say,
and l find it a simply delicious sensation.”

I glanced at her and shook my head. “And I find you a mixed-up
little sex kitten.”

She laughed and moved close to me on the seat, whispering
such hot, sensuous threats that I had to concentrate hard to
keep from running off the road.

In the motel room, she continued the farce of the blackmail
situation. I decided I might as well go along with it.

Her fascinating demands began at once. She languished on
the bed, smiled, and crooked her finger at me.

“Undress me, slave,” she ordered.

In a little while, we were way past the joking stage. It was
wild. It was a slow building up to a pulsating crescendo of
kisses that were sweet torture, of moaning, of twisting flesh…

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Free The Women of Love Captive Stalag

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21084724-gil cohen. men's magazine cover. 002[1]

Why is that Nazi officer painting flowers on a woman in her underwear? Because he is JUST THAT EVIL!

Also featuring ‘Rotten Meat Bootleggers’, ‘The Thrill-Kill Pack’, and ‘Why You Girls Turn Into Unbridled Sex Kittens: The Bedroom Rebels’


Edit: Added original/alternate artwork. Clearly, it is a different version of the same scene. via

Update: SubtropicBob noticed the same thing, but he had the artist’s phone number, so he called and asked what was up with the nude variant. It seems that someone bought the original painting years ago and repainted it with nudity in an attempt to increase its resale value. He also included the interior artwork for this coverstory, which I have now added here.

Strange Wife

Strange Wife paperback cover, 1964 thumbnail
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Softcover Library S75146 1970 Back thumbnail
Strange Wife paperback cover, 1964
Softcover Library S75146 1970 Back

What would you do if you were married to a lesbian?
This man sought escape in the beds of other women. But his lovely lesbian wife meant to pervert them, too!

From the back:

It was the oddest of affairs.
• Young Dave and his deviate wife…
• Young Dave and that cute little sex kitten, Marcie…
• Young Dave and the hotly passionate Madge — a kind of semi-pro specialist in slaking male lusts…
It wasn’t Dave’s fault, exactly. He was just trying to break the grip of a marriage that made him suffer and squirm. But he found that cracking the chains was not easy. His wife was not only beautiful but thoroughly depraved — and she meant to taint the women who dared to give him natural love.

This artwork was later reworked for The Lovemakers

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Strange Wife (1964)

Beacon #B750X 1964

What would you do if you were married to a lesbian?
Dave Travis Sought Escape In The Arms Of Other Women, But His Lovely Lesbian Wife Competed With Him For Their Attentions…!

From the back:

It was the oddest of affairs…
Young Dave Travis and his deviate wife…
Young Dave Travis and that cute lithe sex kitten, Marcie
Young Dave Travis and the responsive Madge — a kind of semi-pro “other woman”
It wasn’t Dave’s fault, exactly. He was desperately trying to break the grip of a marriage that made him suffer and squirm. But he found that cracking the chains was not easy. His wife was not only lovely but thoroughly depraved. And she meant to taint the women who dared to give him natural love.

A 1970 edition can be seen here


Resort Girls


A Shocking And Unashamed Novel About Hot-blooded Women Who Abandon Everything For Two Weeks Of Uninhibited Sex

From the back:

Lust De Luxe
Summer vacation meant a farewell to inhibitions for Kim, Sally and Andrea. They picked up their bikinis, dropped their morals, and headed for a resort hotel where drinks flowed, money was loose, and so were the facts of love. They whooped it up, had a ball, cavorted like sex-kittens, raised hell in the night. Three women who passed the point of no return.
KIM knew ecstasy — but only with married men.
SALLY ran the gamut from virgin romance to brutal sex.
ANDREA found that being seduced was less interesting than being the seducer… of women.
In two torrid weeks, night after night, these girls compulsively peeled away their sophistication, layer by layer, until they finally reached unashamed fulfillment … and beyond. RESORT GIRLS does not guarantee to solve society’s scandals . . . but it does guarantee you an unforgettable reading experience!



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1964 Midwood 32-397 thumbnail
Midwood-32-397-1964-Back thumbnail
1964 Midwood 32-397

She was a teasing, tantalizing sex-kitten who purred with pleasure whenever met petted her.

From the back:

… cute and cuddly, pretty and pampered … and tutored in the arts of love since childhood.
… tempting and taunting, saucy and shameless…and dedicated to a life of luxurious sensuality.
… appealingly young, irresistibly mature … and placed on the auction block by a greedy and ambitious mother.


The Day A Madman Was Unleashed From Prison!

Man's Life December 1969

Purge Of Blood, Death And Rape Across Texas!

Also featuring Happiness Is: Sex With My Best Friend’s Wife, Miracle Escape From The Commie Killers Of Cambodia!, Malibu Beach: Where Topless Love Kittens Run Amuck!, and I Was Captain Of The Mafia’s Ship Of Vice!