The Wastrel


A Shocking, Candid Novel of a Make-Believe Marriage

Judging by this cover, I am going to assume his wife is a lesbian.


Stag-Party Girl


She Ran Away From A Small Town To Become A Stag-Party Girl


Love Starved Woman


She Didn’t Know Her Capacity For Love Until She Read Kinsey


Dames Don’t Care

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Lemmy Caution — and a torrid mixture of dames and death


Love In Suburbia


They spiced their lives with other men’s wives

Such poetry!


Quarry In The Middle


When two rival casino owners covet the same territory, guess who puts himself in the crossfire…

via Hard Case Crime. The history of this cover painting, as well as some preleminary sketches, is on the author’s blog.

The Wounded and the Slain

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Their vacation in paradise became a descent into hell.

Their marriage on the rocks, James and Cora Bevan flew to Jamaica for a last chance at patching things up. But in the slums of Kingston James found himself fighting for his life—while Cora found her own path to destruction, in the arms of another man.

via Hard Case Crime. Artwork via Glen Orbik

Two for the Money


After 16 years on the run, will Nolan bury the hatchet with the Mob — or will they bury him first?

To wipe the slate clean with an old enemy, professional thief Nolan agrees to pull one last bank heist — but when he’s double-crossed, he’ll stop at nothing to get back what’s his. Fortunately, Nolan has a couple of things going for him: an uncanny knack for survival and an unmatched hunger for revenge…

via Hard Case Crime

“My Body Is For Hire” A Top Party Girl Tells Her Secrets

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via via

Manhattan Heat


I don’t think this painting was ever used for a cover, but it should have been.


Wanton for Murder


First of a brief series of novels featuring debonair detective Shomri Shomar, loaned by the Israeli government to the New York police department..

Joe Adamo, ambulance attendant, examined the drunk who had fallen off the tenement roof. He didn’t know what he was letting himself in for! For example: Neva Nerrell, the drunk’s gorgeous wife, who had fewer morals than an alley cat; or the drunk himself, not really a drunk, who would recover from his fall, but shortly turn up as a murder suspect!

Joe wanted to be a doctor. Instead he would up playing detective, and was mixed up with diamond smugglers, a wanton killer, and The Mob. Joe was in ‘way over his head. It would take Lieutenant Shomri Shomar, most unconventional of sleuths, to pull him out again.


Time To Prey

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An oriental doll gets shanghaied by murder as Liddell untangles a deadly Chinese puzzle.

“This isn’t the place to talk,” the Chinese girl murmured. Liddell smiled.”Then let’s think of better things to do.”

via Edit: Now with First Edition cover art. Also, see the very informative article on Frank Kane’s Johnny Liddell from Killer Covers.

The Girl in the Punchbowl

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She was that kind of girl… it was that kind of party… the combination was murder!